Thursday, February 23, 2012

WROCLAW: A baptism and a great visit!

We were able to attend a great baptism in Wroclaw in the late afternoon. Ola was baptized by Brother Zan. She is a great young member and adds so much to the branch. She is here with Sisters Folsom and Stay. Sister Modzelewska just arrived for her mini mission. She and Ola have so much in common as young women and converts to the Church.

President with Andrzej at the baptism. It was so good to see him again. This great man is a convert of 19 months. He is very involved in school, so our paths never seem to cross. We met Andrzej when we first came to Poland and attended a great YSA conference in Szczyrk, Poland...a wonderful conference where Elder and Sister Ireland did such a super job with all our YSA's hosting the conference.

Back at the chapel, there was lots of visiting and congratulating. Ola with 'her' missionaries, Sister Folsom and Sister Stay, with Sister Malinowska...a great member and help to the branch.

Elders Buckner and Hayes with Anetta, Agnieszka (Relief Society Counselor), Adam, Daniel and Ola...Relief Society President. The Wroclaw Branch is doing well!

While everyone was visiting and eating refreshments, Brother Zan was attending to duties....helping in the Family History Center. This is another member who helps so much in the branch....and there are many of them.

There is always one member who is first to get out the vacuum and start cleaning! In the Wroclaw branch, it is Mariusz. This good brother is diligent in making sure the church looks great.

It was a wonderful night to be with the Saints in Wroclaw. There is nothing more special than a baptism! And now on to Sunday!

Sunday at the Wroclaw Branch. The Branch Presidency: Adam (1st Counselor) and President Cielinski. These good men do a great job of taking care of their 'flock'.
In Wroclaw, the meeting schedule is flipped: Relief Society, Sunday School and then Sacrament Meeting.

Relief Society: Guess who taught a fabulous lesson from the October 2011 General Conference? OLA...who has been a member for less than 1 day. She is a pro. It was well prepared, invited participation from the class and taught with the spirit. We are thrilled that Ola is part of the Wroclaw Branch.

Primary: Ula, the Primary President, had a small class today...could the freezing cold have anything to do with it? I was able to give the Primary children the 'treat' that my grandson, Dax, had stuck in the last box we received from home. They came with specific instructions that these Valentine Fruit Snacks were for 'the little children in Poland'. They gladly received them!

Young Women: Sister Cielinska with Cindy and Kelly....a small but faithful group of Young Women who are working on their Personal Progress.

Emilie's mom 'sneaks' a picture during she REVERENTLY plays with a book. Good job, Emilie!

The Cielinskis are expecting another baby in June. One of our great families in Poland....and growing! Both President Cielinski and Agata served as missionaries in Poland. He serves so very well now as the Branch President, and Agata is a great support to him!

You might remember a few posts back, we visited AJ at his home; and he and his sisters put on a private recital for us. Here he is sharing his musical talents with the entire branch as he plays the hymns for church. He did a great job!

A view in the center of town. Wroclaw is actually built on a group of islands, and there are rivers that run through it.

You may remember the above picture from two weeks ago. This is what it looks like at 30 degress Fahrenheit. You may have heard that Poland has been hit with some really COLD weather. The SAME view at -4 degrees Fahrenheit...

What a difference a few degrees make and a whole bunch of ICE. It is cold!

As we were making our way to Katowice, we started seeing some snow. The southern part of the country gets much more snow than where we live.

We are driving into Katowice at the end of the day. It has been a great weekend and Sunday in Wroclaw. As we come into Katowice there are coals mines everywhere, but the city air is somewhat clear today.

A familiar site in Katowice the sports areana. Elder Niemann will remember this.

Our Senior Couple in Katowice, Elder and Sister McGrath, were nice and invited us over for dinner. After being on the road and traveling it was so nice to have a delicious dinner with these wonderful people. Like some of our other Senior Couples, Elder McGrath serves as the Branch President in Katowice. Sister McGrath serves as the Relief Society President and 'all-around counselor" in everything else. We love our Senior Couples! They can make such a big difference in the cities where they are assigned.


  1. Sister Nielson, treats in primary??? (Love your posts by the way, but just couldn't let that opportunity pass by!)

  2. Agata (Turek)Cielinska was a missionary in Poland too! She was my trainer's trainer. I'm so happy to hear they're having another baby! I think Sebastian and Agata are so great. My first Sunday in the mission was Sebastian's first Sunday home and I was so happy he was in my branch in Katowice.


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