Friday, October 26, 2012

With Transfers come new Mission Leaders. Zone Leader Council.

Our monthly Zone Leader Council went great today. We got our departing missionaries off at 5:30am and our Council meeting started on time at 11:00am. Elders Basha and Jensen (assistants) with Elders Gudnason (Bydgoszcz Zone), Mikolyski (Katowice Zone) and Dopp (Warsaw Zone).
This is a good time to 'update' who is serving in the Office.  We appreciate these great missionaries as they do much to make sure the Poland Warsaw Mission runs smoothly all over the country!  What would we do without them?  (LtoR): Brother Jarosz (who is SO valuable to us in so many, cars, you name it, he does it!), Elder and Sister Peck (Office Couple), and Elder Pofelski and Elder Hayes (Office Elders). Again....thank you for all you do!
Lunch time during Zone Leader Council....a good time to visit and catch up with what is going on in the Mission around the country. 
It was another great day.  We are so blessed to be in Poland.  We are around the BEST missionaries and members in the Church.  President always says he has the best calling in the Church.  I know that is correct because I am right there with him.  We love being here and being a part of the work in Poland.
We also love hearing from our Missionaries past, current and future.  Thank you Elders Tanner, Johnson and Vreeken who quickly emailed us upon arriving back home.  It is so good to hear you arrived safely. They had some delayed and canceled flights- it happens.

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  1. could you upload transfers board? That was very helpful last time :)


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