Monday, October 29, 2012

Elder Nowak Departs for England.

In Katowice at the end of December 2010, a great young man decided to follow the example of his Savior, Jesus Christ, and be baptized a member of the Church. Here he is shown with some of the  missionaries who taught him. (LtoR): Sisters Stay, Brown, Smith and Elder Hanneman. 
As time progressed, the great young man decided to serve a 'mini mission' where he was sent to Wroclaw to be with Elders Tribe and Roberts.  It was a life changing decision for him. He knew in his heart he needed to serve a full time mission. 
Fast Forward to October 2012!!!
Now Elder Nowak is a set apart, full-time representative of Jesus Christ.  He will be serving in the England Birmingham Mission for the period of 2 years. The night before he leaves to fly to England, the Assistants come by to make sure he has a Polish and English copy of Preach My Gospel plus a English set of scriptures.
We claim Elder Nowak as one of our own, so of course he needs to leave something of his behind for us to remember him by.
He even selected where he wants his tie to be placed.  Next to Elder Hannemann who baptized him and some of the Elders who made a big impact on his life.  This all happened Sunday night after he was set apart earlier in the day after the Katowice District Conference.
Monday morning was spent at the airport with some long lines.  Elder Nowak will be joining the Elders in the England Manchester Mission for 2 days and then taken to the MTC.  The MTC will receive new Missionaries on November 1.  The MTC President and President Nielson are attending a Mission Presidents Seminar this week, so Elder Nowak's itinerary was changed to accommodate all of these plans.
We say "Good-bye" for now to Elder Nowak.  He will be a great missionary in England.  He will have the opportunity to teach many Polish investigators there.  President Nielson has spoken with President Rasmussen of the England Birmingham Mission, and Elder Nowak will be very welcomed as they have Polish investigators waiting to hear the Gospel in their native tongue.
We are so excited for Elder Nowak and all that awaits him. Work are in our prayers!

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