Thursday, October 18, 2012

After last week, more miracles and events

Well, after an exciting October 9 and being rushed to the hospital, the next 9 days were most interesting. Part of this situation is being in a different country, NOT speaking Polish and very few hospital workers spoke English or even tried. I will try and give you an idea what Sister Nielson experienced-
Her first room in ICU was with two other men.  There was a curtain between them but unfortuately the man next to her snored all night.

The first day I had a difficult time finding her.  I knew she was on the fifth floor.  I went with her to her room then went out to the car to get some of her things.  I came back and got on the same elevator and found this-
 Where's the 5th floor?  A nice man watched me get on and off the elevator a couple of times and finally told me the button for the 5th floor was alone on the other side of the entrance- I should have know that.
 Her new room was much nicer...  These are 2 of the 7 men Sister Nielson roomed with. Two helped her with translation. She made friends and tried to tell everyone about the Book of Mormon.  At this point she was not going in for surgery and hoped to be released any time.  Ha Ha
Even the doctors realized that rooming with 7 men was probably not the best thing.  They said, "Mrs Nielson .... we feel the sociality in this room is not good for you."  It was determined she needed a special hospital and more tests.  So off in the ambulance she went.  They didn't tell me where they were taking her so I followed.  I think I ran a few red lights, but I wasn't going to get lost.
 The new hospital was really nice.  Even though she was kind of out in the middle of the unit, it was still nice. She felt like the 'greeter' of the ICU being able to view the comings and goings of everyone.
 This is the doctor who came in and was another "tender mercy" from the Lord.  Dr. Anna spoke great English and calmed our fears.  There was still this idea that they wanted to do surgery, and we weren't sure about it-  yet.
 We weren't there very long and this nice Priest came along.  We were doing pretty good until he saw my Missionary Badge and asked what this was.  I told him and he said "Mormons".  I told him yes and he wasn't too friendly after that.  Nice man but not willing to listen to me.
 After doctors in Poland and Las Vegas reached a consensus, surgery was scheduled in the next few days. 

In the hospital you aren't served too many large meals.  I did some scouting around and found the cafeteria-
 As soon as Sister Nielson could walk and get around, I took her to see what I found.  It's not much; but believe me, it was a welcomed sight.
 Each time I would come to the hospital I would forget to bring utensils.  Luckily, at the coat counter, they sold forks, spoons and knives.  We bought some so she could have her soup and bread.
 After surgery she was moved to the 2nd floor (the 1st floor in Europe).  While out on a walk, she ran into  two patients from the ICU from downstairs that she got to know from earlier in the week.  An ICU reunion...and everyone is doing great. She was always telling them about our Church and what we were doing in Poland.  Always a missionary.
 One of the nicest things we had happen was a visit from Elder Kent F. Richards.  He serves in our Area Presidency and came over to spend the day with us before surgery and offer support and a blessing.  This was so very nice of a very busy man.
 I stole Sister Nielson (wearing a heart monitor) and went for a walk outside.  If the nurses had known this, I am sure I would have been in big trouble.
We made it outside. This is where she has spent the last of the most interesting experiences of our mission.  The Institute of Cardiology.  It is interesting how we were called to Poland. 
This Institute in Warsaw is one of the best cardiology centers in Europe.  In fact, this center is 15 minutes from the mission home.  There are no coincidences.  What a blessing, and what a week of miracles.


  1. Wow, so very glad to have some more information and pictures! We have been so concerned about the medical care for a heart patient being adequate, who knew what was so close by for you, what a wonderful tender mercy is an understatement! You have both been in our thoughts and prayers since this began, and we are so grateful for the blessing of priesthood blessings, prayers and fasting. Judi, you look wonderful even when you're sick!!!

  2. Thank you for the update!! We have been so concerned and have been checking the blog frequently. We believe in miracles and know the Lord is watching over you. We will continue to keep both of you in our prayers. Please rest and take it easy. I smile as I say that because I know it will be hard to keep Sister Nielson down (good luck President!). We appreciate and love you both!
    Angie and Eric Vernon

  3. Thank you for the update. Prayers continue to come your way from Utah!

    Doug & Julie Myler

  4. What an experience! Sister Nielson's name has been in the temple here in Utah. Love, Glen and Lori Steadman
    ShaLae and Cassidee

  5. Stan and Judi!
    You have been in our prayers constantly! What amazing people you are! Judi, you are the bravest woman I know!
    Thank you for the update! And Judi, just rest!
    Love, Mont and Melinda

  6. Hey guys! I finally figured out how to get onto your blog....the elders showed me!
    The pictures you've sent are very comforting. Just to see you up and walking and smiling is great! I'm praying for you constantly. Wish we could talk. You're one brave woman and Stan just keep on truckin'.
    Sending love and prayers your way,

  7. Somewhere along the line I missed the fact that surgery was being performed. Although surprised I couldn't be happier for the the caliber of hospital and care you have received. This miracle made me think of the one that took place for Fred and Nancy Lang when they were on their mission. We love you but I know Heavenly Father loves you even more. Now the only scripture that stayed with me from seminary comes to mind...(Sing it to Row Row Row your boat)D&C 82:10. We are keeping you both in our prayers and we love you!

  8. Thank you for the update. We are so glad to hear that surgery went well. We worry about you and you will continue to be in our prayers. It is good to see these pictures of you. You look really good. May you continue to be blessed with miracles.

    Alan & Jannicke Godwin

  9. I'm so thankful that everything has turned out all right and Sis. Nielson was able to get the care she needs! Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the Potters!

  10. I'm so happy to hear that Siostr Nielson is recovering! Heaven really does smile on His dedicated servants! :) Keep on recovering! I miss you!


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