Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hospital Stay DAY 11...getting up and walking out!

 The Emergency Entrance to the great cardiology hospital where I have been staying.  Little did I know that this is one place that is easy to enter but much more difficult to leave!  I have been feeling very good.  I have been a 'model' patient and tried to follow my doctors' directions .... exactly. And...I was ready to go home.  Enough of this 'hospital vacation' for me!
 I came to realize that if I did not leave on a Friday, I would be staying until Monday. My conversations with my doctors got more serious.  So I tried to convince them that it would be much more beneficial for me to go home AND GET SOME REST than to stay in the hospital.  The constant noises and interruptions of normal hospital life were wearing me down. 
 Once it was agreed to let me go home, things happened fast.  I said 'good-bye' to my current roommates....Krystyna and Ula (shown with her husband). Both were there for testing and have defibrillators like me. Krystyna has had hers for 2 years; Ula has had hers for 6 years. She also has a copy of the Book of Mormon and promised she would read it.  I wish them both the very best!  Sweet, sweet ladies!  Then it was time to roll......
I literally picked up my bags and walked out of the hospital.  President Nielson drove by and picked me up.  Who would have thought that on my mission to Poland that I would spend 11 days and 10 nights in a Polish hospital!  The doctors were FABULOUS!  There is no other word for them. The nurses......well, the doctors were fabulous!  I'm so glad to go home.  Thank you ALL  for your prayers, fasting and words of love and encouragement.  I truly felt them.  Heavenly Father has seen fit to let me live a little longer on this earth to be amongst the people I love.  I know Heavenly Father has a plan (specifically) for each of us. It is just up to us to listen and follow.  My work is not done I better get busy!  


  1. YEA JUDI! I was just going to check this morning and see what was going on. So happy you have been allowed to go home, hospitals are no fun! You are so amazing and have been blessed greatly, as have all of us who know and love you guys! Now just walk for a little while before you take off running again (I know you!)

  2. Welcome Home! Rest well and before you know it you will be better than you were before!

  3. So glad you are home!! Keep resting at home for a while!

  4. So glad you can go home. I do hope you can get some rest. You always stay so busy it will be hard to make yourself rest.

  5. There is NOTHING restful about a hospital and I am so happy you are home. Talk about curb service! You and Stan do indeed have many more lives to influence for good. HOORAY!!! We love you.

  6. You are such an amazing woman and I am so glad to have your example in my life. Glad to hear you have made it back home!


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