Friday, October 26, 2012

Our mission loses some of the best...

Hours later I met our departing missionaries at a nearby pottery shop to pick up a few last minute gifts for their mothers.  This has become a tradition along with a fast trip to Adam's tie factory, a quick lunch at McDonald's, and a chance to go 'contacting' one last time together for a few hours before heading to the Mission Home.
Our Departing Missionaries:  Elders Johnson, Hancock, Tanner, Vreeken, Sister Folsom and Elder Marsing. After a great dinner, a final interview with President Nielson and a truly uplifting testimony meeting, it's time for one more mission tradition.....
Sisters Sister Folsom decided to leave a piece of a sweater as a remembrance of 18 months of hard missionary work.
I have been 'eyeing' this tie of Elder Johnson's in hopes that this would be the one he would leave with me..and he did!
Having been an Office Elder, Elder Tanner had been a witness to this tradition several times.  Now it was HIS turn!
Elder Marsing was willing to give up his tie.....
...but Elder Hancock didn't seem quite as confident that this was something he wanted to participate in!
And then Elder Vreeken looks like he is in pain! 
Every one of these great Missionaries have served valiantly and should be pleased with their efforts. We will proudly display their ties with the rest of our  former missionaries!  Now it's time to make sure everyone makes 'weight limit' and get to bed early.  Wake up call in the morning is 3:30 am!
This is unusual.  The airport was empty. Often it is so crowded. Well it is only 5:00 am.....but there have been times when we have been in lines heading out the door of the airport.  This morning is a nice surprise.
One last group picture before sending these wonderful missionaries into the skies and back to their loving families.  We love each and every one of them.  We appreciate their good works and their valiant efforts.  Many lives have been touched.  You will be missed!  Now...go forth and remember all you have learned!

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