Saturday, October 13, 2012

General Conference in Poland...October 2012

(While in the hospital and not much to do I will try and get caught up on the blog. Let's see how much energy I have...this is not fun.   Sister Nielson)
Saturday, October 6: We're back at the 'newly discovered' (because now you can actually see the building!) Wolska Chapel for the October Session of General Conference.  General Conference is being watched all over Poland. The Saints in Warsaw are particularly blessed because they have an opportunity to come together and hear the Prophet and Apostles of this living Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
 First to arrive was my sweet friend, Monika.  This woman is an angel....and truly one of the most faithful members of the Church here in Poland. You can count on Monika  for anything.
 Our great translators have already been putting in long hours as they help bring the conference addresses to the Polish people in their native tongue.
 The translation team for October Conference:  Ania, Wioletta, Magda, President Dresler, Andrzej, Rysiek and Robert (Pres. Jagard was next door).  We love and appreciate these wonderfully talented members for their hours of work and dedication to bringing the gospel to the Saints in Poland.  But... there are a few perks!
...Like having Magda make her famous 'shepherd's pie' (one of my favorites) and sharing with everyone.  This time President Nielson and I got a special invitation to join in....usually we just conveniently 'crash' the party!
The first Conference session available to us is the Worldwide General Relief Society Broadcast which actually took place the week before.  SOME of the great women of Poland who came for the broadcast. 
Sunday, October 7: Back in the Relief Society room.  We had so many English speaking Saints that the room was packed with chairs.  To help everyone see the Broadcast better we decided to lift the TV as high as possible.  That big TV was an older model and weighed a ton.
But with the help of Elders Hooker, Dopp, Hayes and Baranowski the job was easy.  See what happens when you show up early to a meeting... there is always something to do and help with.
Our first broadcast on Sunday morning was the Priesthood Session in the Conference Center that was live in Salt Lake City, Saturday evening.  This same meeting was being held in the Chapel but in Polish.
Some of the Brethren of the Priesthood that were in attendance.  We love them all and what men of God they are.  Now a few pictures of the great Saints who attended the Conference sessions at the Wolska Chapel.
Some of our YSA's that came for the Broadcast were Kinga, Marta, Kasia, Christina and Agnieszka.  What wonderful and beautiful women they are.
It is always a treat to see Bogdan and Julia's family. What dedication it is to bring their twin daughters to a Broadcast when it would be easy to stay home.  Thank you for being a great example and for letting us see your sweet babies.What a wonderful family.  We love to be around these valiant little souls....the 2nd generation members of the church!
It was great to see Liz, Isaac and Ania again.  President Jagard has been holding up very well as the Branch President and with a new job.  We love this family. We are so grateful they both not only served here as missionaries; but as a family, they came back to live among the people they grew to love so much.
The Netos are another great family that can always be found doing the right study scriptures and conference talks during the Conference session breaks.
Being Sunday, we provided a light lunch after the Session (the Saturday afternoon session)we viewed at 2:00pm.for the missionaries and anyone else who wanted to join us. (Godfrey, Ania, Dennis, Ania, Brother Neto and Marcin.)
It was a great time for missionaries and members to mingle, and...
...several of our Polish members got their first taste of American super-chunk peanut butter and LOVED IT!(Sisters Packard and Sheahan with Krystyna (new convert of a few months).
We also had some special guests Sunday at Conference....'Elder' Burnham, who served under President Barnett (2004-2007), and his wife. They are traveling in Warsaw.  Sister Burnham's sister, Sister Lenhart, will be coming to Poland as a full-time missionary soon.
General Conference was as magnificent as you all know!  How blessed we are to belong to a church that is directed by our Savior through a living prophet and apostles.  I love this church!
(now back to being a patient...)

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