Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dziekujemy McDonald's

When we go for a walk in our area we usually head over to the Wilanow Palace. It is really pretty this time of year. Along the way we pass by a McDonalds. When we first came to Poland we were a little surprised that McDonalds were here and there were so many of them. We seldom frequented McDonalds at home but here in Poland we stop for an occasional małe lody i owocjogurt. Also one of the big differences in the McDonalds here is they are all very nice and upscale. It's a place to go on a date and a great place sit down and mingle with friends- not just a teenager hang out place. On a Friday night this paricular location is packed with couples on dates. It's classy and has high standards for cleanliness and service. However there is one thing that we had never seen...This particular Bride and Groom just needed to take a break. This was no big deal. Just another happy customer having a Big Mac before or after the Big Event. President couldn't help thinking he could have saved a few dollars by talking his daughter into having her reception at Micky D's and not where it was held. I quickly brought him back into the real world. We love Poland and the many fun and wonderful things we see and experience. What great people.

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