Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Missionaries Arrive in Poland!

 It's that time in the Mission field again.....time to meet and greet an exceptional group of Missionaries fresh from the MTC.  Let me introduce them to you one at a time....

First out the door is Elder Saltmarsh from Draper, Utah.
 He was followed by Elder Stumpf from Leimen, Germany.  He comes from the same Stake as our former missionary, Elder Siebert.
 Elder Finch from Pleasant Grove, Utah is next.
 He was followed by Elder Lanham from Orem, Utah.
 Elder Smith is next from Bear River City, Utah.
 Elder Kotter from Plain City, Utah is followed by....
 ...Elder Stockford from Springfield, Oregon.  And last but not least is....
 ...Sister Bown from St. George, Utah.  What an great group of Missionaries! They are excited to be in Poland and ready to teach people the gospel.
Since there is much construction around the airport, President and the Assistants went to bring the cars around so we could load all the bags.
 Meanwhile, all the Missionaries followed me to the pick-up area.
 We threw all the bags into the transporter and off we went ...
 ...to the Best Mall to take pictures to start their legal work.  We grabbed some fast lunch ....
 ... then it was contacting on their way to see the Wilanow Palace located near the Mission Home.  By 4:00 pm these missionaries were scheduled to be back at the Mission Home to start interviews with President Nielson.
 As you can see, occasionally severe 'jet lag' takes over when you are waiting for your turn to be interviewed!  We hated to disturb him...
Thank heavens everyone was wide awake for dinner!  These excited but very tired Missionaries are safely tucked in bed.....their first night in Poland!  Stay tuned tomorrow to see what their 2nd day will bring.  A clue:  trainers!  Oh this is fun to have these "trainees" come in.  They bring excitement and they keep everyone on their toes.  We love them!


  1. This is so awesome! Thank you so much for posting!

  2. Wow, thanks for posting all the pictures! And it's good to see Sister Nielson out and about!

  3. I can't believe they are there with you in Poland! We are so excited to see these pictures on your blog. Thanks so much. Our hearts are so touched.

  4. It doesn't look like you are resting! Take it easy!

  5. So thrilled to see you taking such good care of our missionaries :) Thank you for posting so many pictures! I absolutely love your blog.

  6. I am so happy to see my nephew, Elder Saltmarsh safe in Poland! My son returned home from the Kyiv Ukraine mission the same day Elder Saltmarsh entered the MTC. My aunt and uncle, Don and Janet Harding were privileged to serve under you, and I know you will love having Elder Saltmarsh as a missionary. Best to you!

    Calene Saltmarsh


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