Sunday, October 28, 2012

Katowice District Conference....October 27-28, 2012

The Katowice District Presidency:  President Krzykawski (1st Counselor), President  Pawlik, and President Gaskell (2nd Counselor). We thank these faithful men for all they do to help the Katowice District run smoothly.
With all the visiting that was going on, we were still able to get a few of the new converts together for a picture.  Each was recognized during Conference with a boutineer/corsage so other members could meet and get to know them.  (LtoR): Robert, Adam, Konrad, Anna and Marzena shown with President Nielson and President Pawlik.
This was also a perfect time for some of our Saints to renew temple recommends with President Nielson. A temple excursion is planned for the week of November 20th and many Polish Saints plan to attend.  Above are some of the members of the Wroclaw Branch who did just that.  (LtoR): Sister Malinowska, Ula, Agata, and the Zans.
Another great event that happened during the Conference:  Adam was being ordained an Elder. He was leaving the next day for his mission. Many of the Saints were there to support him in this great endeavor. (More info to come in the next post!)
Even the kids of the Katowice District had something special to attend.  Taking advantage of several children being at Conference, it was a perfect time to have a Primary Activity Day ... and that's just what they did. The children loved the gospel related activities AND getting to know each other a little better. Above are SOME that attended.
When this many people get together, you can't have them leave to go home on a Sunday without a little food.  That's where the Relief Society President of the Katowice Branch, Gosia, and our Senior couples came to the rescue.  Elder and Sister McGrath and...
... Elder and Sister Sheley (serving in Wroclaw) had everything well planned and...
...lunch was a success. It was enjoyed by all after the last session held on Sunday.  Everyone went home spiritually AND temporally fed.
Now....a little update on the weather in Poland.
This is the scene of the big round-about as you look outside the Katowice chapel.  Lots of construction and lots of mud...aka: rain.  By the end of Conference on Sunday...
...this is what it looked like.  Winter had come to Poland!
A blanket of snow had covered the whole city of Katowice.  But Katowice wasn't the only city in Poland getting snow.
A weather report from Lodz.  Snow!  Elder Zelezniak (from Australia) sent President this picture of him and his companion, Elder Smith.  A record of making his FIRST snowman ever!  Elder Smith is from Utah and I'm sure this is one of countless ones made for him!  And in another part of the country...
This picture was taken in the backyard of the mission home 3 days ago. 
Same location...different look!  Yes, winter is here!  It all came in one day.  I better find my winter gloves and scarves...this winter looks to be a cold one!  It is beautiful, isn't it?

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