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WEEK-END in LODZ with the YSAs! Sept. 21-22

The idea of having an event in Lodz was the 'brainchild' of the Lodz YSAs. They had a desire to strengthen the friendships they had made with the other Polish YSA's at the Regional YSA Conference held in Hungary last July.
Weekly planning began in August.  Shown above are some of the Lodz YSAs (Jacek, Romuald and Magda) with Elders Tiner and Tanner (the Vegas Boat Elders).
A view of the the church property where some of the events were to be held showed that there was work to be done before inviting any guests to come!
Dominika applies a 2nd coat of paint to a wall adjoining the Church property.
With the grass trimmed and weeds pulled, the property was ready.  Shown above are our Lodz missionaries who helped in the service project:  (LtoR): Sisters Smithee and Forsey; Elders Neuner, Tanner, Godwin and Johnson. (Kneeling): Elder Tarasevich
Friday, September 21st:  YSA's start gathering from all over Poland. Jacek and Sebastian (Lodz YSAs) greet the Katowice boys! (Konrad, Adam, Damian, Adrian, Adrian and Arek.)
After a warm welcome...
...the YSA's created their own 'Life Maps'...
...depicting important events they would like to happen in their lives.
After making their maps, they read from the scriptures about the Plan of Salvation.
Dinner and a movie came next with Sebastian (Lodz) making sure the salad was perfect; then the 'out of towners' headed to a local hostel for the night.  Sebastian did an outstanding job organizing and being the MC. 
The next morning was full of fun classes....
...the first one being a scripture study workshop. (Draman-Lodz, Arek and Adrian-both from Katowice)
Draman taught a 'Using Time Wisely' class and Magda taught 'Tips for taking good photos'.  WHY? Because the next activity was a PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT and each of the 3 teams were very creative!
One of the pictures had to be a 'Human Pyramid':  Back to Front: Dagmara (Szczecin), Magda (Lodz), Patrycja (Bialystok), Kamil (Warsaw 2), Elder Neuner, Adrian and Damian (Katowice), Elder Tanner.
Another photo had to be showing 'everyone on different levels':  (Bottom to Top): Ewa (Bydgoszcz), Arek and Konrad (Katowice), Donimika (Lodz), Luiza (Warsaw 1), Makelele (Lodz).
And for extra points....All team members had to be photographed 'in the air'! This team was able to do it!  (LtoR): Marta (Warsaw 1), Rysiek (Lodz), Arsene (Ponzan), Marta (Poznan), Draman (Lodz), Adam (Katowice), Patrycja (Poznan), and Adrian (Katowice).  Everyone headed back to the chapel where a 'slide show' was quickly put together, and everyone was able to enjoy all the photos.
Following  lunch, it was time to do a little problem solving/team building. Above:  Rest a hula hoop on your fingers and gently lower the hoop to the ground without anyone losing contact with the hoop. (It's harder than you think!)
Next:  Turn over a piece of plastic tarp AND everyone has to stay on the feet touching the bare floor!

And finally:  An activity ending with everyone promising that they would keep connected to not only each other but most importantly the gospel as well.  These great young people are the strength of the church here in Poland.  Their testimonies are strong, and they are committed to live the commandments of the Lord.
One last group picture:  1st Row: Marta, Luiza, Marta, Konrad, Adrian, Adam Adrian and Arek. 2nd Row: Jacek, Damian, Patrycja, Ewa, Arsene and Sebastian. 3rd Row: Kamil, Patrycja, Magda, Dominika and Draman.  Not Shown:  Rysiek, Romuald, Dagmara, Kasia and Makalele.
THANK YOU LODZ YSAs for a delightful Weekend in Lodz!  A great time was had by all!  The Polish YSA's are just great.  Everybody needs to be involved in this Church.  You always come away better than you ever thought possible.  We all love this Church!

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  1. I loved this post so much. Thanks for including all the fun pictures of so many awesome youth!


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