Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Warsaw District Conference...October 20-21, 2012

Saturday Afternoon:  What better way to start a District Conference that to have a baptism, right?
That's just what happened.  A few hours before District Leadership Meeting began on Saturday afternoon, Patrycja from Bialystok was baptized into the Church.  Here she is shown with our great Bialystok Elders, Roberts and Rogers.
 Our wonderful YSAs came out in force to support Patrycja in this most important decision and afterwards had a great YSA activity.  (LtoR): Patrycja, Dagmara, Magda, Marta, Kinga, Sebastian, Dominika, Kasia, Kristina, Arsene, Marta and Rysiek.
 Dagmara (Szczecin) and Magda (Lodz) catching up on each other's lives.  Facebook is a wonderful tool that enables these strong saints to stay connected.
 Another event that took place was a cake contest.  Kasia (the MC) with President Dresler and 2 of the judges.
 Sister Gorniak cake was a hit.....
... as well as Magda's.  Polish women are VERY good cooks.  All of the cakes were delicious and it was hard to pick a winner. 
 Sunday morning: As is our tradition, District Conference is a time where we acknowledge our new converts with a corsage or boutineer.  We thank Sisters Sheahan and Packer (serving in Warsaw I) for arranging for our flowers this year.
 Some of our new converts in the Warsaw District were:  Patrycja (Bialystok), Dagmara (Szczecin), Krystyna and Ewa (both from Warsaw I). 
 Another convert, Adam from Lodz, attended conference with Rafal....who also has an upcoming baptismal date.  The church is growing in Poland....no doubt about it!  It is so exciting to be a part of building the kingdom in this great country! 
 Other signs of growth in the church....Odys (4th from the Left) was ordained an Elder. He also gave a great talk in District Conference.   Here he is shown with (almost all) of his wonderful family from Bydogoszcz and President Dresler.
 Other members from the Bydgoszcz Branch who attended Conference were Marek and Renata.
 Several members of the Poznan Branch were also in attendance.  I was able to get a picture of a few of them. (LtoR): Elder and Sister Reed, Ewa, Arsene, Marta, Marion and Regina.
 President Nielson was excited to add another counselor to the Mission Presidency.  It is now complete!  (LtoR): Elder Jensen (Executive Secretary), Sara and Iwona with President Jarosz ( 1st Counselor), President Wencel (2nd Counselor) and his wife, Alicja.  President Nielson loves and appreciate each of these men and all they do.  We love and appreciate the women behind them that support them in everything.
 The Warsaw District Presidency:  President Armstrong, President Dresler and President Poludnikiewicz. They gave great messages at the Conference.
The Wolska Chapel was full.  With the end of Conference came some much desired visiting as the Polish Saints talked and said their 'good-byes'.
Heading for home.....some had only a short bus ride while others had much longer train and car rides ahead of them.  But ALL had been edified and uplifted this day.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Savior's true church.  I have asked God, and he has told me so!  You can do the same!


  1. Thank you for these photos! Our daughter, Siostra Peterson, feels a closeness with two sisters she taught: Krystyna and Ewa. So wonderful to see them enjoying the blessings of Church membership!

  2. That is my son very proud. Brother Roberts


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