Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 2: New Missionaries first FULL day in Poland!

 Everyone was up by 6:30 am getting ready for their first REAL day of being a Missionary in Poland.  Elders Saltmarsh, Smith, Stockford, Stumpf, Sister Bown, Elders Finch, Kotter and Lanham after taking individual pictures with President and me.
 For breakfast these missionaries got to choose from a variety of favorite yogurts.  It was a hard decision for everyone but Elder Stumpf, our German Elder, who is used to great tasting yogurt.
The Assistants, Elders Basha and Jensen, showed up to escort the new missionaries to the Orientation meeting at the Office.  Not only are they going to 'grill' for dinner, but they brought their famous pasta salad to add to the menu. (With me not being 100% this transfer, I have had lots of help getting everything ready. A special thank you to the Jensens, the Pecks and Sister McGrath for ALL they have done!)
 It's time to make their way to the office to start their legal work, receive their MSF cards and go over some general office information.
 Every transfer we make this 7 minute walk to the office.  Rain, shine or even snow....we walk it. Today it is beautiful but a coat came in handy!  After the meeting.....
 These new Missionaries met up with some of the best serving in Warsaw to get in a little contacting downtown. (LtoR): Sisters Sheahan, Packard and Bown. Elders Saltmarsh, Stumpf, Baranowski, Pofelski, Bokinsky, Hayes, Smith, Stockford, Finch, Lanham, Kotter and Dopp.
 The Sisters were able to talk to many people about the Book that has changed their lives. (Hint: The Book of Mormon)
 Elders Smith and Baranowski contacted a young man...looking for their 'replacement'.
 Elders Bokinsky and Kotter stop a couple to tell them about the important message they have to share.
 Elders Lanham and Hayes talk to a father about the importance of his role in his family.  These new missionaries were fearless and did a great job on their first day of contacting 'real' polish people.  So, what was happening at the mission home while all this was taking place?
 Their Trainers had showed up and were meeting with President Nielson.  Our new Trainers:  Elders Zelezniak, Myler, Hooker, Van Bakel, Sister Forsey, Elders Tiner, Rogers and Fletcher.  Soon the new Missionaries arrived at the mission home, and it was time to put the Trainers and Trainees together!
 Sister Bown's new companion is Sister Forsey.
 They will be serving in Lodz together.
 Elder Saltmarsh's new trainer is Elder Hooker....who is not new to training!
 These two very tall Elders will serve in Warsaw together and will be opening up a new area in North Praga.
 Elder Smith met his new trainer, Elder Zelezniak...
 ...who together they will be serving in Lodz.  A new city for Elder Zelezniak as well.
Elder Stumpf will be trained by Elder Van Bakel.
 These two Elders will serve in Szczecin and will be serving alongside two other Elders in that great city.  They now are their own District!
 Elder Lanham will be trained by Elder Rogers.
 They will travel to Bialystok tomorrow and will be serving there together.
 Elder Kotter will be trained by .....
...Elder Fletcher where they will be serving in Warsaw II.
 Training Elder Finch will be Elder Myler.
 Gdansk is where these two Elders will serve.
 And finally, Elder Stockford will be trained by Elder Tiner.
 Poznan will be home to these two Elders.  After all the Trainees had been matched up with their Trainers, it was useless to try to have any kind of a meeting.  A break was in order as everyone was excited to get to know each other!
 So that's what we had.  Everyone had an enjoyable time finding out about the person they would spend the next 8+ weeks with.
 They visited and visited and visted until it was time to get back to work.
 As each Missionary sat next to their new companion, there was a great spirit in the room.  This is going to be a great tranfer!
 That night after a good dinner and a great testimony meeting, our Warsaw  Elders loaded their bags in the transporter and were taken to their apartments.  (Elders Kotter, Fletcher-Warsaw I, Hooker and Saltmarsh-Warsaw II)
Getting some last minute instructions from President Nielson and then they were off!  Meanwhile, the rest of the Missionaries were settling down for their 1st 9:00 planning session in the field!  Tomorrow everyone else will head to their assigned cities ready to 'teach and preach and work as Missionaries do'! ("I Hope They Call Me on a Mission") 


  1. My pride could bust this room right open. I am so grateful for everything right now...This beautiful country in which our son is serving, the loving Mission president and wife whose care he is under, Ty's new companion, Elder Hooker, and this awesome blog that Brother and Sister Nielson update to let parents and other loved ones follow their sons/daughters. It's so incredibly heartwarming. I can't thank you enough. Mama Salt

  2. Thanks so so so much for posting!


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