Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Making our way to Szczecin! Saturday, September 29.

We decided to be adventurous and take the train from Warsaw to Szczecin.  (Can you tell that President Nielson is getting sick of driving?) It was a long ride (7 hours); but when we finally arrived, we were welcomed by this great group of members.
These members of the Szczecin Branch had just come from cleaning the building they meet in.  It was great to have some time to laugh and visit with them.  What a great group of Saints! (L toR): Dagmara, President Stankiewicz, Lukasz, Agnieszka and Olek with Elders Garfield and Van Bakel in the back.
 The next morning (Sunday), the Branch Mission Leader/2nd Counselor in the Branch Presidency, Lukasz, arrived early to meet with the Elders to talk about the Investigators that are being taught and what the Branch can do to help. It's great to see how Lukasz is learning to become a great leader in the Church.
 The Szczecin Relief Society:  Gryrzena, Ilona, Agnieszka, Dagmara (President), and Kasia...a new investigator. 
 The Szczecin Branch...well, most of the members.  What a great group....and they are great at fellowshipping and taking care of one another.  There is a great spirit in this small .....but growing(!) Branch.
 Elder Van Bakel, Elder Garfield, Branch President Stankiewicz and President Nielson finishing up after a training meeting and their weekly financial report.  President Stankiewicz is doing a good job....we appreciate all he does to keep this branch unified.
 Having brought an English Liahona on the trip to read, Damara couldn't wait to look through it's pages.  She and her friend, Kasia, were so interested in this magazine, I had to leave it with them.  I'll pick up another one back at the Mission Office.
President and his Missionaries.....last words of encouragement and advice on an absolutely gorgeous day in Szczecin.  Elder Van Bakel is doing a tremendous job here in the Branch.  Elder Garfield has only been in the country for 6 weeks, and his Polish is outstanding. Both of these young men are outstanding missionaries.
Olek and the Elders  got together after church for a new member lesson.
The Szczecin Branch is doing so well.  They are baptizing, they are fellowshipping, the members are strengthening each other.  They are a great example to us all!  We love Szczecin, and the members who reside there!
It's time to head back to the train station to start the trip back to Warsaw.
What a beautiful day to be in this seaport city.  Blue skies, blue water.....(This view is right across the street from the train station.)
It's a great time to catch up on some scripture reading as we wait for our train to arrive.  Let's pray it won't be delayed!  The trip is long enough! 
How great it was to visit with the members in Szczecin.  Being the farthest city we travel to, we are not able to visit as often as we would like. As I said before...we love the members here in this great city!

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