Friday, October 26, 2012

Transfers! Our New Missionaries head out into the field

It's time to get these new Missionaries to their assigned areas!
Getting everyone packed, fed and out the door to get ahead of the morning Warsaw traffic is always a challenge.  This morning it went off without any glitches.  Elders Finch, Myler (both have a long day ahead of them as they head to Gdansk), Tiner and Stockford (heading to Poznan), Rogers and Lanham (going to Bialystok) Smith and Zelezniak (heading to Lodz), Van Bakel and Stumpf (another long day as they have a 6 1/2 train ride to Szczecin) and Sisters Forsey and Bown (heading also to Lodz).
 One last picture of everyone unloading at the Train Station in front of the Palace of Culture (aka: Stalin Building).
 Making sure everyone has their luggage. Sometimes it appears to be a 'free for all'...
 Elders Smith and Zelezniak are heading to Lodz in a new area.  This was a full transfer for both of them.  Elder Zelezniak is coming from Krakow,and they both literally have everything they own with them.
They all left and found the correct trains.  (Later that night, we heard that all made it safe and sound to their new areas.)
For now, it's back to the mission home where we need to have everything ready for our departing missionaries who arrive in a few hours.  Transfers are always exciting.  We see the great new missionaries come in and then we see our best be tranferred some far distances. This morning,all is going smoothly.

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