Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Wolska Chapel gets some extra care!

Our most beloved Chapel in Poland is our Wolska Chapel in Warsaw.
As you enter off the street to this wonderful meetinghouse, you cannot help but notice the landscape that has matured over the years.
In fact, it has matured so much that it covers a little too much of the view of this marvelous Church chapel.  We want everyone in Warsaw to know where we meet, and that this building is open to the public.
As you walk down the sidewalk, this is what you often see.  The mature shrubs and bushes.  Back there somewhere is where the "Mormons" meet.  Some have wondered, "We don't know exactly what they believe in, but we have been told they have a nice place to gather".
Well, we decided we needed to do more about making the Church and our wonderful Wolska Chapel more visible and better known to everyone.  So a few of those mature bushes have gone by the way side.  Now this is what you see...
Walking from the Tramwaj you can see what our Chapel looks like from the front.  You used to be able to see the steeple but the two big bushes on each side of the sidewalk blocked your view of the building.  Not any more.
You now turn into the parking lot and can see the Chapel instead of wondering what was behind the bushes.

The landscape is now under control and our beloved and beautiful Chapel is visible to everyone.  Compare this to the first picture and notice the remarkable difference.   We want the world to know the Church is here.  Not hidden ...but visible for everyone.  Everyone is welcome. We want nothing hidden or to be in secret.  This is the Lord's Church and want everyone to see all the beautiful things it stands for...even our beautiful Chapel.

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