Friday, March 16, 2012

Zone Leader Council March 16 11am

Just hours after seeing 4 great Missionaries depart, we were at the Mission Office ready to hold Zone Leader Council with some of the new (and old) leaders of the Mission. Elder Fletcher and Elder Hancock are now serving as the Zone Leaders in the Warsaw Zone. Elder Basha and Elder Waits now serve as the Katowice Zone Leaders. And... Elder Sorn and Elder Hooker will remain serving as the Zone Leaders in the Bydgoszcz Zone. We even have a change in Assistants. Elder Myler will serve as the 2nd Assistant to the President while Elder Krzyminski will serve as President's 1st Assistant. These 2 Elders have been very busy with planning our Leadership Seminar that will be held on Monday. There is 'no rest for the weary' when you are serving a mission! And who would want to? This is exciting work! Zone Leader Council: March 16, 2012. A GREAT group of future leaders of the church. The mission is in good hands. You will see more of these Leaders shortly as ALL are busy planning thier assigned parts in the upcoming Leadership Seminar.

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