Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday in Warsaw...March 27, 2012

Tuesday throughout Poland is District Meeting day where the Missionaries gather in their Districts to be instucted as to how to teach the gospel more effectively. Today, we found ourselves visiting Warsaw II District. (LtoR): Elder and Sister Jensen, Sister Peck, Dominik-leaving May 1st for the Washington Tacoma Mission, Elders Murphey, Tanner, Siebert (District Leader), Pofelski; Sisters Mann and Forsey. A great group of Missionaries!

Elder Siebert (right) was well prepared with his lesson which was on helping Investigators realize the importance of prayer in their conversion. Of course, any good District Meeting has plenty of opportunity to....

...Role Play...or 'Real Play' as we like to call it. Here Elders Tanner and Murphey are teaching our more than willing Investigator, Dominik the steps of prayer. Two and 1/2 years ago, Dominik was a REAL Investigator being taught by Missionaries.

Elder Pofelski "real plays" with Sisters Mann and Forsey as they go through the steps of prayer with him.

After District Meetings, I had a very important meeting with someone myself....

Ania Jagard (2 1/2) and I were celebrating 'Ania didn't have to have heart surgery today'! She was scheduled to have a hole closed in her heart on this day; but after going in for her final checkup, the doctor said that it wasn't necessary. Hurray! What better event to celebrate! It was not only a great day for Ania but for her parents as well! What a great blessing from Heavenly Father.

We finished up the day with going to Warsaw's YSA Family Home Evening and Institute class. That is always a great way to end a night. Tonight was special, however. We were saying 'good-bye' to Dorota who is moving to the Netherlands for work. She gave a wonderful FHE lesson tonight on the importance of families and being with them forever. Dorota...always remember that you are a member of the YSA family here in Warsaw. We love you and wish you much success! (LtoR): Top Row: Michol, Marta, Dorota, Sister Mann, Dominik, Patricia, Katie. Sitting: Kamil, Kinga, Sister and Elder Jensen.

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  1. I especially like the fact that you get to play "grandma" to my Ania. Thank you. Our lose is your gain.... we just really miss that Jagard family.


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