Saturday, March 3, 2012

Combined District Conference- Missionary Meeting with Elder D. Todd Christofferson

It was one great weekend. Elder Christofferson visited our mission along with Sister Christofferson and Elder and Sister Kopischke. We had a wonderful Saturday and Sunday with them and all of our members from around Poland(plus many investigators!). This was a combined District Conference and everyone came. It was wonderful. I can't tell you what a blessing it was and will continue to be. The Conference which we have been planning for months is now over. It's back to 'real' mission life...transfers, new missionaries, training meetings, seminars, etc.
As we arrived at the Conference with the Christoffersons and Kopischkes, we walked into this room where our Missionaries were waiting for us standing as pictured above. They were singing, "I Am A Child of God". I was so proud of each and everyone of them. They all glowed and looked so sharp! How is that for starting a conference? It was amazing!

Seated L to R- Sister & Elder Simons, Elder & Sister McGrath, Sister & Elder Peck, Elder & Sister Tarasevich, Sister & President Nielson, Elder & Sister Christofferson, Sister & Elder Kopischke, Elder & Sister Richards, Sister & Elder Jensen. 2nd Row L to R- Elders Curtis, Krzyminski, Dabrowski, Sisters Marshall, Forsey, Jones, Ellis, Ence, Mann, McAdams, Steadman, Sheahan, Leppanen, Garcia, Smithee, Stay, Folsom, Modzelewska. 3rd Row L to R- Elders Dopp, Hooker, Sorn, Ball, Bode, Marsing, Rogers, Fletcher, Lundin, Berry, Johnson, Siebert, Hancock, Myler, Walter, Hannemann, Roberts, Basha. Top Row L to R- Elders Hayes, Buckner, Gudnason, Vreeken, Pofelski, Sheridan, Manwill, Hillyard, Van Bakel, Jensen, Waits, Klosowiak, Murphey, Tanner, Kalinowski, Gladun, Mikolyski, Kennedy and Szymanski.


  1. That is one great picture! Everyone there, and feeling their best. It will be a day they will all remember!

  2. What a gorgeous picture! I wish we had a whole mission picture from when I was there- love it!


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