Friday, March 30, 2012

Senior Missionary Couples departing-

Elder and Sister Richards are heading home to Las Vegas. We have known this great couple for many years. They moved into our ward when President Nielson was serving as Bishop. We have served side by side in the stake, at the temple and shared many tender moments together. This chapter of our lives involving Poland started two years ago. President and I had just received our call to Poland, and we all went out to dinner in Las Vegas at our favorite Mexican food restaurant. We discussed about how fun it would be to serve together on a mission. One thing lead to another, they submitted their mission papers and the Lord called them to the Poland Warsaw Mission, too. Now two years later and 18 months in Poland, Elder and Sister Richards are returning to our beloved Lakes Stake and all the great members there. So on our last night together, we decided to go to the best Mexican Restaurant we have found. (Not many to choose from here in Warsaw!)

We had a great night talking about the past, the present, all the wonderful friends we have made in Poland, the greatest missionaries- young and senior in the Church and some of the best members in the world. We also talked about the future and good times ahead.

Back in the Mission Home, it was time to "leave something behind" for us to remember Sister Richards by...

... and "something to remember" Elder Richards by, also.

We will miss this great couple who served in the Mission Office, the YSA Center in Warsaw, as the Branch President in Warsaw and most recently the Branch President in Poznan.

At the airport is was a rather easy day. No real incidents to report. They had the best travel plans of anyone we have taken to the airport. Leave at 12:00noon, a short transfer in London and non-stop to Las Vegas and arrive at 6:45pm Vegas time. Wow! They will meet with President Ringer tonight while President Teshima is at General Conference sitting in the seats real close to the front on the floor of the Conference Center. (He always gets the really great seats!) Good-bye, Richards! We love you! Thank you for serving side by side with us!

Twenty four hours earlier, Elder and Sister Simons, who served in Seminary and Institute, have been reassigned to the London South Mission. Elder Simons served in that area many years ago as a young Elder.
Before they departed, we wanted them to "leave something behind" for everyone who comes to the mission home to remember them by...first Sister Simons and then Elder Simons.

This was a special tie that Elder Simons was leaving behind.
We wish them all the best and know the Lord guides His missionaries to where He needs them. There are no coincidences, and they will be in England for many reasons. They will continue to serve and be great missionaries. We love you both.

The Senior Missionaries in Poland are fabulous. They are so dedicated and gifted. They serve in so many ways and assist the work as only wise and experienced members of the Church can. President and I have been blessed by being around these great servants of the Lord. We love them as our younger missionaries. What could be better in life than to serve a mission with so many wonderful people?!


  1. I was anxiously awaiting this post! As have honored these missionaries and I am so grateful to know and appreciate them. Thank you for sharing their last moments in Poland with us! These posts are a treasure...and I live here!


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