Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our new Missionaries Arrive in Warsaw!

Our new missionaries arrived from the MTC in Provo this morning and are ready to go. This group was on time and ready to get out and preach the gospel. They studied hard in the MTC and you can tell by their actions. They wanted to speak Polish all the time. We are impressed with their diligence in the MTC. Meet our new missionaries...Sister Bezdjian from Salt Lake City. She really speaks Polish well. She also packs her luggage like a seasoned veteran. Two light suitcases and yet everything she needs. She will be so thankful at transfer time.Meet Sister Masters from Sandy, Utah. She is anxious to get out among the people and has no fear. She will do wonderful in Poland and will adjust to the time change quickly.Sister Young comes from Gaylord, Michigan and also speaks terrific Polish. She has a Masters Degree in English and is ready for her assignment tomorrow.Elder Tiner comes from Las Vegas, Nevada. He also knows some of our great friends, the Legeres, the Bairds and the James. It was great to meet this outstanding and well prepared Elder. He is ready to go and speaks Polish like he has been in the country for months.We took everyone over to Saski Park to the sight where President Kimball in 1977 dedicated Poland for the preaching of the gospel. The assistants had a difficult time finding a parking spot, and it took all of their energies in getting this "beast" into a small and tight fit. So far our new Van is "ding-free"...This is the place where President Kimball dedicated and opened Poland for the gospel and also President Monson offered a prayer of gratitude and supplication in 1986. We had a prayer after this photo and now these missionaries are ready to raise their voices.We then headed to our Photo Shop for pictures to apply for their Residence Cards. While waiting for the pictures we had lunch and had time to visit and talk about Poland and these wonderful people. This group of new Missionaries still had a little energy once we arrived at the Mission Home, so the Assistants took them on a short walk to visit the Willanow Palace...A beautiful 'mini Versailles'. Also, one of the 'few' buildings in Warsaw that was not destroyed at the end of WWII by the Germans. From the truck parked in front of the palace, you can tell that it is being renovated.It's been a great day. It's also a great day to welcome Elder Myler as our new Assistant. He officially starts tomorrow as Elder Dabrowski has some training and then off to Lodz. He have thoroughly enjoyed Elder Dabrowski as our Assistant. He is outstanding; and like all of our wonderful Assistants, has done everything he was asked to do and with dedication. We will miss him. Thank goodness he has five more months in the field to accomplish many more great things. Elder Krzyminski will now train Elder Myler regarding all of the responsibilities of an Assistant. We love these great missionaries and all the other ones that are not in this picture. We are blessed with the greatest missionaries in the Church here in Poland. I love them all!

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