Saturday, March 17, 2012

Warsaw I and II Branches Celebrate!

One hundred and seventy years ago as part of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Relief Society was organized on the earth. It is probably the largest women's group (5+ million strong) and the ONLY one that has been organized under the direction of the priesthood. It's 3 main purposes are 1) to increase faith and personal righteousness 2) to strengthen families and home 3) seek out and help those in need. Today, the women of the Warsaw I and II Branches joined together at the Wolska chapel to celebrate the 'birthday' of this great organization. The evening started with a wonderful presentation showing pictures of the Savior with female disciples, women in the early 1800's and ending with pictures of our great Polish sisters through the last 20 years that the church has been in Poland. It was an amazing presentation.....Thank you, Monika! Later, we all had a wonderful dinner together served to us by some of these wonderful Sisters. (L toR): Maja, Iwona, Sylvia, Lywia, Maja and Sara. A delicious broccoli soup started the meal. A dinner such as this is never successful without a great 'Kitchen Crew'. SOME of our Sisters that 'manned' the kitchen were Beata, Iwona and Maja. One of the most enjoyable activities of the night was the opportunity to visit with Sisters that we love and care about. And the visiting went on..... ...and on.... ...and on! You cannot have a 'birthday celebration' without a 'birthday cake'! And a delicious one was provided! Sto Lat, Relief Society! (Precariously bringing in the cake are Ania and Monika...Lywia is only kidding!) In attendance at the event were the Warsaw District Relief Society Presidency: Jackie (Counselor) and Gosia (President). Kornilia, who lives in Bydgoszcz is Gosia's other great Counselor. Women we need to say THANK YOU to...The Relief Society Presidencies of the Warsaw Branches: (L to R): Monika, Sylwia, Beata, Gosia and Ania (not shown: Karina) THANK YOU, dear Sisters, for putting on a memorable event. It took much work, and we love and appreciate you all!To be a member of the Relief Society you have to be between the ages of 18-180! Shown above are some of our youngest members and some of our 'future' members: Monika, Maja, Sara, Karolina, Maja. Relief Society is a wonderful women's organization which is for everyone! I am grateful to be a part of it.

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