Saturday, March 10, 2012

A flash back to the All Poland Conference

The Kopischkes and the Christoffersons arrived for the All Poland Conference the day before it started. It enabled us to show them a little bit of Warsaw before we attended two full days of meetings. Elder and Sister Kopischke in Castle Square in front of the Royal Castle. Elder Kopischke is the Area President for the Western European Area of the Church.

Elder and Sister Christofferson with our guide, Dominik, in front of a fragment of the original Jewish Ghetto wall. At the outbreak of WWII, Warsaw was home to about 380,000 Jews....(almost 30% of the city's population). This guetto held as many as 450,000 Jews most of which were shipped to the extermination camp at Treblinka. A wall was built around part of the city to keep the Jewish population closed in. This is part of that wall.

Touring the Old Town in Warsaw with our special guests, the Christoffersons and the Kopischke.

The next day the meetings started....a meeting with the Poland Warsaw Missionaries, Priesthood and Relief Society Leadership Meetings, an evening Adult Meeting and this interview meeting with Elders Christofferson, Kopischke and our District Presidents.

Elder Christofferson was kind enough to shake the hands of the people who attended the Conference on Sunday. He was especially interested in meeting the Young Adults and the children.

The All Poland Conference took place one week ago today. Have I mentioned how great it was to have so many of our great Polish saints together to listen to an Apostle??? Most of the Branches came into Warsaw together....either riding chartered buses or trains. This is the Bydogoszcz Branch. All in all, the Bydgoszcz Saints numbered 38....someone was able to get this many of them together for a picture. Is this a great sight or what?! Again, it was SO GREAT to be all together and feel each other's love and testimonies of the Savior's church here on the earth. I will never forget this event...ever!

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  1. It sounds like it was an amazing conference! What a treat to have an Apostle there! So cool!


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