Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mission Presidents Seminar Frankfurt Germany 8 & 9 March 2012

The Europe Area Presidency: Elder Causse (1st Counselor); Elder Kopischke (President); Elder Teixeira (2nd Counselor). We were able to receive some great instruction and counsel from all three of these inspired brethren on how to re-focus and 'lift' our mission to new heights.

Last Thursday we were able to attend a Interim Mission President's Seminar in Frankfurt, Germany. The wives usually do not attend this meeting, but because Elder Christofferson was in the area visiting the different missions, we were invited. We were blessed again to have Elder Christofferson speak to us. We were able to get a picture of our 'group'.....the Mission Presidents and their wives that came out with us in 2010. (L to R): President and Sister Lindley (England Leeds Mission); President and Sister Wolfgramm (Italy Milano Mission); President and Sister Andersen (Denmark Copenhagen Mission); President and Sister Irwin (Czech Republic Mission); President and Sister Kelly (Italy Rome Mission). We love getting together at these seminars to visit and compare notes. These are wonderful servants of the Lord. One of my most favorite parts of these Mission President Seminars is that we are able to attend the temple. This is the Frankfurt Germany Temple. It is tucked into a quiet neighborhood and it is beautiful.Guess who we ran into there? Elder Leimer! How great it was to visit and see what was going on in his life. He has with him a white temple tie that President Nielson gives to the missionaries as they return home. We hope they will wear this tie each week as they attend the temple and remember their wonderful missions. President had Adam from Adam's Ties help him design this. The inside label is Poland Warsaw Mission 2010-2013. Actually....a LOT is going on in his life! We met his fiancee, Janett, who was going through the temple for the first time. We had been invited to attend the session, and we were thrilled to be able to go! After the session, we all went out for great Chinese food. What a great couple these two make! It was great to get to know their parents, too. It was a nice night...a great way to end a great Seminar. (L to R): President and Sister Wiborny, Stefan and Janett, President and Sister Leimer. Thank you for a wonderful and memorable evening.

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  1. It was so fun to see this temple again. It was the one we attended while we lived in Germany and found out how truely worldwide the church is. It's great following your blog but I always feel like I need a nap after reading it!


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