Friday, March 16, 2012

Departing Missionaries March 16- 4am

It's ALWAYS exciting to get new missionaries in the field.....But then comes the 'downside'! Which means that we will be losing some of the best 'seasoned' missionaries we have. This transfer was no different. We said good-bye to 4 hard-working, diligent, 'never-give-up' servants of the Lord. Elder Buckner who finished his mission serving as the District Leader in Wroclaw will be returning to Idaho. He will be missed. His Polish is great and he leads by example. Sister Steadman who finished her mission serving in Gdansk will be returning to Utah. She was able to finish her mission seeing a wonderful Investigator enter the waters of baptism just days before she left the mission field. A great Sister with a strong testimony. Sister Marshall will also return to Utah. She finished her last transfer serving in Katowice where she and her companion had the reputation as 'excellent finders'. They were always tracting into young men who were interested in the church....which they would turn over to the Elders serving in thier city. It 'hurt' me to cut this scarf! It is beautiful and looked fabulous on Sister Marshall. Sister Stay will return to Utah after traveling with her parents for a few days around Europe. She finished up her mission serving in Wroclaw. She and her companion referred to Wroclaw as the 'Disneyland' of the mission. Tracting and contacting many great investigators during her transfer there. These great Sisters and Elder will truly be missed. They were all examples of Consecrated their 'all' to invite others to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized in his church. We may all look a little tired. This was the earliest flight we have had to catch....having had to leave the mission home at 4 am in order to check in at the airport. We love these great Missionaries. They have made such a difference in our mission. Don't forget us, and keep praying for the work in Poland. We love you!

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  1. Our beautiful Siostra Steadman is safely home! And called upon in stake conference to bear her testimony two days later. Thanks so much for your loving kindness.
    The Steadman Family


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