Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our new Missionaries take off for their assigned cities!

Everyone is out the door and ready to hit the streets running. Sister Folsom and Young (Wroclaw), Sister Masters and Jones (Lodz), Elders Dabroski and Tiner (Lodz) and Sisters Bezdjian and McAdams (Gdansk). One last picture of this great new group of missionaries and these outstanding trainers.The Assistants and Office Elders are sure these bags do not belong to Elder Tiner! They are loading everyone up for the big trek to the train station. Elder Krzyminski and his group head out first. Its about 8:15am and they will be hitting the Warsaw traffic soon. So they gave themselves plenty of time to get to busiest part of town.Right behind them and following close by is Elder Murphey and his group. Goodbye! We know great things are just ahead. Transfers are going on right now. Just about every city has a change. Missionaries leave their city and quickly travel to their new city as fast and direct as possible. Sometimes that takes 4-8 hours. Transferring with luggage on a crowded train can be difficult. This is the most stressful day for President Nielson, waiting to hear that everyone has arrived safe and sound. We have only had two missionaries get lost or miss trains since we've been here. That night was not fun. They were not in danger--- just delayed for missing departure times. So we've learned... Missionaries start out earlier and President Nielson waits for the 'check in' calls from his Assistants.

As the Assistants and Office Elders drop everyone off at the train station, in a few hours the departing missionaries are coming in. So it's time to change the sheets, clean the house and get dinner cooking. Sisters Stay, Marshall, Steadman and Elder Buckner will be arriving soon. More to follow...

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  1. Hey there. I got all teary eyed looking at these pictures. Miss it. Good times. I am sure Sister Stay and Elder Buckner already want to go back out. Sebastian


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