Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Missionaries...Day 2: Meeting their Trainers!

Second Day in the Mission Field: Everyone was up bright and early- kind of. After breakfast and getting some things in order, the new group walked to the Mission Office. It was starting to rain, but that did not dampen anyone's spirit.At the Mission Office, Elder and Sister Peck and Elders Tanner and Murphey went over the process of getting a "Residence Card", how to get money off the MSF cards and other important things that make life easier for being a missionary in Poland. Everyone needed their passports, and we will use the photos from yesterday in our legalization process. After the morning business if was off to the Rynek with Elders Murphey and Tanner for some contacting. There they met up with some of our fabulous Sister Missionaries..Elder Tiner is talking with a man who accepted a Book of Mormon. They were able to teach him about the Plan of Salvation and even ended their visit with a prayer. He and elder Tanner make a great companionship.... Two hard-working Elders from Las Vegas! Sister Young was contacting with Sister Steadman (who goes home in two days- you will see her tomorrow night). Again, Sister Young was not afraid to talk to anyone. Sister Garcia and Sister Masters talking with a lady about what our message is. These new missionaries are great and want to talk with everyone.Sister Bezdjian talking with a lady about the Book of Mormon. Sister Sheahan who just transferred in from Poznan is there to help and add her support.While our New Missionaries are out contacting for the very first time in Poland, exciting things are happening at the Mission Home. Their new Trainers arrive! Training this transfer are Elder Dabrowski, Sister McAdams, Sister Jones and Sister Folsom. President Nielson met with these great missionaries as their trainees were contacting on the Rynek. Now....let's see who goes with who!!!! Elder Tiner will be trained by Elder Dabrowski! And they will be serving in....LODZ!!! Yes, this transfer we are losing our great 1st Assistant... Elder Dabrowski. He has been such a great leader in the mission, but his talents are needed elsewhere. He will not only be training but will also be the District Leader there. This Missionary is capable of doing that and much more!Sister Folsom will be training.....Sister Young! And they will be serving in..WROCLAW! We have just recently put sisters back in Wroclaw and they are truly making a difference in the work there! Sister Masters will be trained by Sister Jones. And they will be serving in...LODZ!!! Two very excited trainees in the same city! It will be great to see the impact they have on the work.Sister Bezdjian will be trained by Sister McAdams. And they will head north to the beautiful city of...GDANSK! There are some great people being taught the gospel in this seaport city. All our New Missionaries with their Trainers. The bonds of friendship and love were immediate. That is the wonderful thing about the gospel. You make instant friends because of your love of spreading the gospel and your love of the Polish people. Two things that all missionaries have in common!Now, it's time for some training together to make sure everyone understands the purpose of the 12-week training program and how to implement it in their studies. They will each spend two hours a day in companionship study in this 12 weeks course. They will become more effective teachers. Displaying new laminated signs that will be hanging in every missionary's apartment. We are 'finders', and what we are looking for are those who are looking for the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We are also Successful Missionaries as we are Committed to help these people become faithful members of the Church. All these great Missionaries will be boarding trains in the morning for their various cities. They are eagar and ready to Find those who are willing to follow the Example of Jesus Christ. We love these new missionaries and their great trainers.

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