Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Night in Warsaw l, March 26, 2012

Yesterday in Church at the Warsaw I Branch, Jonathan Jagard was sustained as the new Branch President. President Zielonka was released, and we thank him for the marvelous work he did while serving. Tonight we met at the Wolska Chapel to set apart President Jagard. With us were (L to R): Mateusz Turek here on training from CES, President Dresler, Liz and President Jagard. Not only did the Warsaw I Branch get a new Branch President on Sunday, but Rafal and Agnieszka blessed their beautiful baby girl, Maria. What a wonderful event, and I was so sad to miss it. But as you can see, Maria has a set of very proud parents. How fortunate she is to be able to be raised with the gospel in her life. The church in Poland is a very small world! These two brethren were good friends growing up in the church in Wroclaw. Neither of them knew that the other one was in Warsaw today. Mateusz (left)will be coming to Poland to train and instruct our Seminary and Institute teachers. He is in town for two days and was talking to President about his good friend Michol (right) who he had not seen in years. President figured out that his friend Michol is currently the Institute instructor for the YSA's in Warsaw. They will be working together to strengthen the testimonies of the great young people we have in the church here.Our Monday night continues.... Family Home Evening for the Single Adults. Elder Jensen (kneeling) gave a wonderful lesson on preparing ourselves to hear the messages from our Apostles and Prophet this weekend....AKA: General Conference. Here members and Investigators met to discuss how we all have 24 hours in our day; but if we don't make time for the spiritual things in their lives, our 'spiritual roots' will be very shallow. These 'spiritual roots' need to be deeply planted in the gospel soil, so we can withstand the challenges of life. A great lesson with lots of participation! Elder and Sister Peck do a great job with the Singles. For those of you who have followed the 'progress' of the 'leaking pipes in the Wolska Chapel, this is what it looks like today. The ceiling and the foyer have never looked better. We are 'back in business'! Thank you to those who watched over this enormous task! Sisters Jagard, Peck, Katie, Garcia and Sheahan. On the way home from the Wolska Chapel, we looked across the Wisla River and saw the Soccer Stadium all lit up. It was stunning! The Euro games start in June, and Warsaw is ready. Well, the STADIUM is ready. We still have high hopes for the roads leading into Warsaw!Down by the Stadium is this beautifully lit but simple bridge. I love how it lights up the River. Warsaw is almost magical at night. We are heading back to the Mission Home, but will start early the next morning. Mission life is NOT a life of leisure, but it is a GREAT LIFE! We are both grateful to be a part of building the church in Poland alongside some great Missionaries and outstanding Members!


  1. I really loved this post, thanks for sharing. Liz Jagard was my MTC teacher in 2003, and Rafal was baptized my first Sunday, Easter Sunday 2004 in Krakow. I made dinner for the missionaries and Tomek to celebrate.

    Also, those pictures are beautiful! Warsaw is fabulous!

    Maren Leavitt/Siostra Romney

  2. It was great to see Mateusz and Michal together :) thanks for that picture.

    When I was serving in Wroclaw in 2002, Michal was the branch president and Mateusz Turek was the elder's quorum president.


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