Sunday, March 11, 2012

Warsaw l Branch 11 March 2012

This weekend we were in Warsaw! That rarely happens. We attended the Warsaw I Branch and were greeted by Bogdan. Why the BIG smile? Early this morning, his wife, Julia gave birth to twin daughters! Congratulations! Mother, babies AND dad are doing great! With all of this going on, it was his assignment to bless the sacrament; and he knew he needed to come to Church. The Warsaw I Primary: The Senior and Junior Primaries meet together for singing time. I was able to catch a fast picture as they were getting ready to sing their hearts out! Sister Jagard (Primary President) and Sister Brachowic (Counselor) do a great job teaching the gospel to the children of the Branch. (Top Row L to R): Lywia, Mateusz, Ula. (Bottom Row L to R): Anja, Piotre, Kuba, Ala. Proud Parents: Rafal and Agnieszka were there with their beautiful baby girl, Maria, who is 11 weeks old. She is a smiler! It was so good to see these great members again. For those of you that have been concerned about the water damage at the Wolska Chapel, I included this picture. We are ALMOST back to normal. The Chapel looks great. A BIG thank you to Brat Jarosz for heading up this project.

It is always great to visit the Saints in Warsaw. There was such a nice feeling in the Branch today. Thank you ALL so much for your support of the Missionaries and all you do to help them bring others unto Christ. We cannot do it without you! I love the Warsaw I always make us feel so welcome!

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  1. Sister Nielson- you do such a great job on keep us all updated. It's so nice to see how Poland is doing.


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