Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Red Group' Training March 20 & 21, 2012

These eight Elders are part of the "Red Group". Elder Hillyard is holding a drawing with the other members of this group as they started out in the MTC all together. Sisters Bailey and Allen (you can tell by the drawing which is which), have been released and are home; Elder Oborn was assigned to Chicago and is serving there now. We called them the "Red Group" because their missionary cards for President's Transfer board are in Red Cardstock. (L to R): Elders Ball, Sheridan, Hillyard, Lundin, Kennedy, Curtis, Kalinowski and Murphey. One hour after the Leadership Training Meeting finished, we started another Training Meeting for these Elders. This group came into the MTC the same day President and I did...June 23, 2010. We all met at the MTC and they are our 'original missionaries'. We brought this group in for special instructions and assignments that followed. We started their meeting at 4:00pm, followed by dinner and more training and a late testimony meeting.They walked over to the mission home for dinner after instruction. It seemed like a few weeks ago that they were all arriving in Poland at the start of their missions. We enjoyed the evening, established goals and got ready for their last big 'sprint to the finish'. This is a great group of missionaries who will accomplish miracles in the next few months. Early the next morning, a few of them were up and went for a jog around the beautiful area where the mission home is located. I am not sure where the other four are... ...they were back preparing for breakfast before their return to their assigned cities. They all know their way around the kitchen and as always were a big help. As they are leaving they had prepared their own "Title of Liberty" and contract to finish strong to the end. They had committed to not give up or give anything less than 100% to the work. They all signed it and presented it to President. They also have some other things they promised to do and to keep. Eight totally different personalities and unique men. Eight talented and gifted missinaries who will serve faithfully and valiantly all their days in Poland. The beauty of the gospel and the mission is seeing them come together, be united in this great work and become close in caring and supporting each other and others. It was a great 18 hours with these special missionaries.

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  1. So fun to see my MTC group going strong. Sister Bailey and I were definitely there in spirit. Actually we had lunch today and spoke Polish, so we really are.


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