Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Leadership Training March 19 & 20, 2012

After attending the Mission President's Seminar in Frankfurt where we met with the Area Presidency and Elder Christofferson, President Nielson and I felt impressed to gather the leaders in the mission and teach them the principles we learned there. We came home highly motived and focused on how we can strengthen the church here in Poland, and we wanted our Missionaries to have the same experience. Pictured above are the Assistants, the Zone Leaders and the District Leaders of the Poland Warsaw Mission. Let's meet them by their 'groups'.

"Red Group": Elder Hillyard, Krakow District Leader. (The 'groups' mean the Elders they entered the MTC with....the color is the color of the cardstock their picture is on for the Transfer Board. Colors are totally random.)

"Brown Group": Elders Sorn (Bydgoszcz Zone Leader), Dabrowski (Lodz District Leader), Hannemann (Wroclaw district Leader), Siebert (Warsaw II District Leader), Krzyminski (1st Assistant).

"Green Group": Elders Johnson (Gdansk District Leader), Waits (Katowice Zone Leader), Hancock (Warsaw Zone Leader) and Marsing (Poznan District Leader).

"Blue Group": Elders Fletcher (Warsaw Zone Leader), Basha (Katowice Zone Leader), Myler (2nd Assistant), Hooker (Bydgoszcz Zone Leader) and Bode (Bydgoszcz District Leader).

"Pine Group" (really dark green!): Elders Gladun (Katowice District Leader) and Jensen (Warsaw I District Leader).

Meetings started at 3:00 pm Monday afternoon with instruction regarding Planning, understanding Real Growth in the Church and Finding with the Spirit. We held training meetings until 6:00pm when we took an hour break and....... walked over to the Mission Home. Here Elders Hooker, Jensen and Marsing are leading the way. The weather has been sensational, and it's almost Spring. A great time to get outside without a jacket and get some fresh air.

Dinner in the Mission Home. Our table can only hold so many. Elders Krzyminski, Basha, Dabrowski, Hannemann, Hillyard, Fletcher, Bode, Myler, Gladun and Johnson were in the dining room and the others...

... were in the Living Room. Elders Waits, Hancock, Jensen, Sorn, Siebert, Hooker and Marsing. It was a short one hour dinner and back to the Mission Office for the evening session.

We could have never made this without the help of Elder and Sister Jensen. We came home and they had everything ready to serve. A big THANK YOU for helping in so many ways. We love and appreciate the Jensens.

Then next morning everyone was scattered around the Mission Home doing personal studies. Elder Hooker found a quiet spot in the entry way. Everyone else was downstairs, upstairs and wherever they could find a quiet place.

Then at 9:00am companionship studies started. Elders Siebert, Sorn and Hooker are now going over what they learned and what will help them with investigators and contacting.

Downstairs was Elders Maring, Basha and Waits. Not only were they studying, but talking to investigators and junior companions who had questions about what they were going to do this day.

Elders Hancock and Fletcher reviewed the things they learned the day before and what their Zone needed to learn. They found a place where they could spread out and also talk and plan.

After breakfast and studying, it was back to the Mission Office for Day 2 of the training. Elders Jensen, Hannemann, Gladun and Krzyminski. In the back row are Elders Fletcher, Waits, Basha, Sorn and Hillyard.

This side of the room was also ready and making sure they had their schedules accessable for the rest of this busy day. Elders Myler, Johnson, Bode, Marsing. Behind them: Elders Dabrowski, Siebert, Hancock and Hooker.

While the training was going on in the conference room, the Office Elders were busy, along with Dominik (working on his Visa papers), getting referrals out and supply orders filled.

Our Office Couple, Elder and Sister Peck, were busy making sure one of the most important parts of the Training Seminar was taken care of.... Lunch. We appreciate all the Pecks do for our mission and missionaries.

Finally, Elder Dabrowski was able to receive the correct Missionary tags. He has been in the field for many months and was happy that this order (finally!) was filled with the correct Polish letters in his Polish name.

The morning session went by quickly, and then it was lunch time. The only time I can really get pictures of these training meetings is during lunch or dinner breaks.

The other half of the group was in the office getting all of their paperwork and responsibilites taken care of and enjoying lunch. We love all of these people. The training ended at 2:30pm, and it was a mad dash to the train station. Everyone caught their trains, and we had one hour to clean up and prepare for the next group to arrive....Stay tuned!

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