Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sister Peterson leaves for home.

Sister Peterson will be leaving the  mission early due to a medical leave. "Just in case", we wanted to make sure that something of hers was represented on our 'tie board'.
Sister Peterson and her companion, Sister Young (Left).  To bring us good luck, I returned the 'piece of something' that Sister Young left when she left the mission field on a short medical leave a transfer ago. We hope to do the same with Sister Peterson's "piece of something'.
 We love you, Sister Peterson. We wish you the best and are praying that you will return to the mission.  Get better! Now...some of you may ask, "Where is President?"    (Maybe you can find him in the following picture!)
President attended a Leadership Training Meeting in Frankfurt Germany on Sunday.  For some reason every time he goes to Frankfurt something happens.  Today was no different.  He left home at 5:30am for a 7:00am flight to attend a 10:00am meeting.  There has been a bad snow storm passing through Europe the past two days.  His flight was delayed and arrived at 12:30pm to the meeting.  The problems were just beginning.  Following the meeting, the Frankfurt airport was a disaster.  Besides the snow storm problem some of the airport and airlines employees were on strike.  President said he has never seen an airport totally packed with no one moving.  Everyone was standing in a line.  One of the airport people told him this line was over 1 kilometer long!  It just went around and around the airport.  After two Frankfurt to Warsaw flights were cancelled, he spent the night and got home Monday around 1:00pm.  He was supposed to be home Sunday night for dinner with the Sisters at 7:00pm.  He can't wait to go back to Frankfurt in February... (in his previous trip to Frankfurt they couldn't land because of bad weather, they flew to Prague and then 6 hours later flew back to Warsaw)

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  1. Okay, I should have looked over more of the blog, now I know what you do with the out going Sisters...too much fun!


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