Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Missionaries Arrive in Poland! Dec. 18, 2012.

 It's Tuesday morning. As President and I go out to our car to head to the airport, we see that it has been 'sabatoged'! Hummmm.....could it have been the Assistants who were just here putting the transporter seats in the garage so they would have room for our new Missionaries' luggage???
 We did meet up with the Assistants at the airport. Holding true to tradition, we gave each of them a Kinder-egg. (This gives them something to do while we wait for our new arrivals.) (LtoR): Elder Jensen, Elder Basha and Elder Mikolyski...our newest Assistant!
And here they are:
 This is Elder Peacock from Cedar City, Utah.
 He is followed by Elder Smith from Salt Lake City, Utah.
 Elder Brown is our only new missionary that will have to get used to the snow and the cold. He is from Mesa, Arizona.
And finally, Elder Dodge from Highland, Utah.
We are happy to finally meet these new Missionaries. We have been looking at their pictures on the transfer board and praying for them for months now. We can feel their desire to preach the gospel to the people of Poland is strong. They will be a great addition to our already great group of Missionaries.  But for now, let's get them to the cars...
 With much construction going on at the airport, we had to do some 'creative' walking to the parking lot. Even though it looked like a nice sunny day, it was -3 degrees C.  That translates to... COLD!
 Still making our way to the transporter....we finally loaded everyone in, and it was off to the Mission Office for a fast orientation meeting.
 Elders Smith, Peacock, Dodge and Brown learning to use their new MSF cards. Our Office Staff (Elder and Sister Peck, Elder Walter and Elder Pofelski) kept orientation meeting short as these new Elders were getting tired.
To wake them up a bit, the Assistants took them on a walk around the Wilanow Palace located within walking distance of the Mission Home. After a 'brisk' walk.....
...everyone was awake and ready to eat dinner!
We welcome Elders Brown, Smith, Peacock and Dodge to the Poland Warsaw Mission. Now....get some rest! Tomorrow will be a very busy day!  Trainers come at 7:45 am. After a short Trainer/Trainee meeting, everyone will head to their new assigned area! We love you, and we are so glad you made it safe!

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