Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Warsaw 2012----

It's the Saturday before Christmas and President and I have a few more errands to run.
We decided to go downtown and see the lights.
We got to the Warsaw rynek just before it started to get dark....3:30 in the afternoon! The rynek was full of little Christmas shops selling gifts, sweets and hot drinks.
Guess who we found there? Pawel, a professional knight, and one of our members from the Krakow Branch is here on the weekends making some good money. It was good to see him.
The giant Christmas tree in Castle Square never looked so good.  
It got dark quickly as we sauntered down Nowy Swiat.
 Again, the Christmas lights were beautiful set against the white snow.
As we made our way back to Castle Square, you can see the full effect of the beautiful Christmas lights there. I can't believe this is our last Christmas in Poland. We will truly miss having a White Christmas! It was -11C and we may not miss that-  we are still desert rats...

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