Saturday, December 8, 2012

Elder and Sister Hutchinson leave Utah for Katowice.

The weather in Europe was not good today.  Elder and Sister Hutchinson were to arrive at 4:15pm from the MTC in Provo.  They got to Amsterdam and ran into some problems.  We finally got confirmation that they were arriving into Warsaw at 11:00pm.  Since we got up at 4:00am with Elder and Sister McGrath, this was turning into a long day. President had many phone calls trying to see if Elder and Sister Hutchinson were coming to Warsaw on their "stand-by" tickets.
They did arrive and for it being mid-night, they looked great.  Sister Hutchinson was the first to come out.
Followed by Elder Hutchinson.
It was late and there was no time (or desire on anyone's part) for a quick tour of Warsaw.  It was straight (and fast) to the Mission Home and to bed.  These are great people and we are so excited for them to join us in Poland.  (You could never tell that they had been traveling for 25 hours!)
They next morning, the Hutchinsons were up and ready to go.  After interviewing with President they had their assignment to Katowice.  They will be such a great addition to that already wonderful branch.  The Elders and Sister will love them as well.
After  breakfast, interviews and some re-packing,  our Office Couple (Elder and Sister Peck) came over to explain the process of obtaining Residence Cards and other mission information.
Then is was off to the ATM, squeeze everything into their "smaller" car and head to Katowice.
Elder and Sister Peck showed them the way out.  We are grateful for Elder and Sister Hutchinson.  This is their second mission.  These Senior Couples sacrifice so much to come and serve the Lord. They will do wonderful and great things in Katowice and in Poland.  We love them and look forward to many wonderful events with them and all of our Senior Couples.
Come serve a mission!  The Brethren lowered the age requirements for younger missionaries, but the age requirement for Seniors is still..."Get Things Ready and Come Join Us"!

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