Sunday, December 16, 2012

On our way to Szczecin....interviews and a great event await us! Dec. 13, 2012.

 It was a very cold frosty morning as we headed to Szczecin on Thurday.  All the trees looked just like this. do not do the scenery justice!  We had an ice storm.
 The road from Poznan to Szczecin is a long one....full of our 'favorite' huge trucks. (And we always seem to find ourselves behind one!)
Poland is constantly working to improve their roads. Scenes like the one above are common. Progress is being made!
As we got closer to Szczecin, this is what we found.  We made it through, and just in time.
We had an appointment with these Elders for an apartment check. They passed with 'flying' colors. Everything was spotless! (Elder Roberts and Elder Gladun)
We found our way to the chapel in time to attend the Intermediate/Advanced English Class taught by Elders Van Bakel (from Holland) and Elder Stumpf (from Germany). A great class and they are quick learners. (I ended up being the only native English speaker in the room)
After English Class, several members of the Church AND the Enlish class joined us for pizza. It was here the members started talking about the baptism that would be held tomorrow. The English class was invited...we'll see who comes!
It was time to leave so President could return to the hotel and make some calls. This is the street the chapel is on.
Szczecin (so far) has the most snow of any city we have been in this winter....but it is fresh and it is a brilliant white! It is beautiful!  Tomorrow....a great day for the Szczecin Branch.

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