Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Krakow, Katowice and Wroclaw visits

This week-end consisted of a 'whirlwind interview tour' of the Southern Branches in Poland. We started in Krakow...
...where we met up with this hardworking 3-some:  Elders Skolmoski, Szymanski and Bode (District Leader). Why the Polish pastries? Today was Elder Bode's birthday, and we wanted to surprise him with a little treat!
Just as President Nielson was going to interview the last Elder, he got interrupted with a phone call. Elder Bode had trained these younger Missionaries well....they were using their free time to study the Polish language, and their District Leader was able to help them with a question.
After finishing the Krakow interviews, we headed to Katowice where we not only had interviews but a special event to attend.
The Missionaries of the Katowice District. This District is finding incredible people to teach. We thank the members for all their love and support of our Investigators and new members in Katowice.
Elder Harris and Elder Mikolyski (Zone Leader).
Sister Holmgren and Sister Ence.
Elder Vernon and Elder Bokinsky.

The Special Event:  A Baptism...Two in fact!  Daria and Patryk were baptized and the Katowice Branch was there to support them. The above picture shows some of those that attended this special occasion. 
With everything going on in Katowice, the District held Branch Presidents training.  Those attending were President Jarosz (Poland Warsaw Mission Presidency), President Najberg (Kielce), President Cielenski (Wroclaw), Rafal (Ex. Sec Katowice), Elder McGrath (Katowice), President Pawlik (Katowice District President), Adrian (Katowice Counselor) and President Krzykawski (Katowice District Counselor).  A great group of Priesthood leaders.
Our next stop...Wroclaw!
We were able to spend a delightful dinner with Elder and Sister Sheley, the wonderful Senior Couple who loves and supports the Wroclaw Branch. (Sister Sheley has caught the 'Polish pottery bug', and it was fun to eat a delicious meal on beautiful dishes.) Thanks to both you for ALL you do!
After dinner, it was time to meet up with the Missionaries serving in this area of Poland.  Elder Walter (District Leader) and Elder Garfield met us at the door of the Chapel to help us bring in supplies.
The members of the Wroclaw Branch are so good to our Missionaries. Sisters Howells and Smithee with a Christmas treat that members had made them. 
President Nielson interviewed four very happy Missionaries that night. Supplies had come in.....and ALL they wanted for Christmas was cases of Books of Mormons!  We love and appreciate these good Missionaries who are working so hard to bring the gospel to others. Again...the members of the Wroclaw branch help so much in the work. Thank you for all you do and the time you spend helping the Missionaries preach the gospel.
You can't leave Wroclaw until you visit its beautiful Rynek....(one of my favorites!)
Christmas has come to Wroclaw. The town is beautifully lit up with lights and small shops selling all kinds of favorite Christmas gifts and goodies. All we need is a little snow!  (Did I really say that?!)

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