Friday, December 7, 2012

Elder and Sister McGrath leave Katowice for Utah

Our mission has been blessed again by another great Senior Couple.  We have had so many in Poland.  Elder and Sister McGrath have been serving in Katowice for the past 18 months.  Elder McGrath has been the Branch President and Sister McGrath has been doing whatever else was needed.
We wanted to make sure they left a piece of them with us. Both were a little reluctant to leave the people they love so much. Elder McGrath was first....
...followed by Sister McGrath.
We love the McGraths and know they will make a great impact in their future ward and in the lives of many.  Now, it's off to bed, because we are up at 3:50am to head to the airport.
Well, overnight it snowed.  It was a fitting send off for Elder and Sister McGrath.  It just seemed a little too quiet outside this morning...
We soon found out why.  The storm had caused some real problems for many flights.  Their flight from Warsaw to Paris had been cancelled, and we had to get a line with another 100 stranded passengers and see what we could arrange.
President had to make one of those calls back to Missionary Travel and wake someone up to assist us..  As always, Missionary Travel came through and Elder and Sister McGrath were now on a 9:30am flight (it's still 5:45 am here) going through Paris and then New York.  They will arrive home in 27 hours...but they will make it!
The McGraths served faithfully and gave their all.  We had a few tense moments this morning but they are now on their way home.  We will miss them as will our mission.  We love them and will see them some time next summer for Mexican food...THANK YOU for all you have done!
Now, in 8 hours we return to the airport to meet Elder and Sister Hutchinson...IF they can get in and out of Amsterdam...

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  1. Good bye to a wonderful couple! We are so grateful for their service in Katowice and we will miss them!


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