Monday, December 17, 2012

A new member for the Szczecin Branch! December 14, 2012.

When a Branch has a baptism, it is always a happy day. That is how it was in the Szczecin Branch on Friday. Here is Kasia with the Missionaries who taught her, Elder Stumpf and Elder Van Bakel. Welcome to the church, Kasia!
The members of the Szczecin Branch and Investigators who were there to celebrate with her on this happy occasion. This little branch is doing so well.  Great missionaries and great members always results in a great branch.
As we left the pool where the baptism was held, a good man who enforces parking rules was writing President a ticket.  President had paid for parking but his bilet (ticket) had fallen off the dash onto the floor.  President has become very good at talking with the police and explaining things.  Here this kind man is calling to headquarters canceling the ticket he had just transmitted.  I am sure if this nice fellow had known he was having his picture taken he may have reacted differently.  In the end, it all worked out.
Back on the road again.....this time we are headed home with a stop in Lodz. Leaving Szczecin at 14:00 stopping in Lodz and then to Warsaw??? Yes, I know. It's a crazy idea....but President needed to be in Lodz to interview missionaries before transfers.
Elder Jespersen and Elder Godwin were there at the chapel. Minutes before, they had been on the cold, dark street contacting...telling people how their lives can be better when they know God's plan for them.
Elder Zelezniak, Rysiak and Elder Smith. These two Elders had just had an 8:55 pm. 'miracle' ...the kind that come when you work until the very last minute of a missionary's day.  They found a very interested person, taught him a lesson on the street, he took a Book of Mormon and set up for a return appointment. Rysiek, a recently returned missionary and Branch Mission Leader, is a great help to our Missionaries. Thank you, Rysiek!
Elder and Sister of our fabulous couples. We were supposed to have made it to Lodz in time to eat dinner with the Lloyds. Running late because of traffic and weather, Sister Lloyd was kind enough to pack up dinner for us to eat at the church. Thank you for all you are doing! (Someone looks like she has been traveling too long. It's time to go home.....and that's what we did.) We drove to Warsaw after interviews and arrived around midnight.  Tomorrow, another traveling day....but another great event!

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