Friday, December 7, 2012

Dec 6, 2012 Zone Leader Council, Baptism and a Birthday

It was one of those very busy days.  We started with our monthly Zone Leader Council meeting.  Our Zone Leaders came in and discussed goals and results in the mission.  They also worked on 2013 goals.  The Zone Leaders will have Zone Training beginning next week where they go into all the districts and teach all that they discussed today.  This way the information and training gets to the mission quickly, and everyone is on the same page.
Elders Hayes and Mikolyski are the Zone Leaders in the Katowice Zone.  Elder Hayes was called yesterday as the new Zone Leader and will travel back to Katowice with his new companion to his new area. 
Elder Gudnason and Elder Tiner.  Elder Gudnason is the Zone Leader in the Bydgoszcz Zone and Elder Tiner is currently the District Leader in Poznan who was invited to attend Zone Leader Council today.
Elders Basha and Jensen (far right and far left), our assistants, are with Elder Dopp the Zone Leader in the Warsaw Zone.  Currently two Zones have just one Zone Leader. This will change at the next transfer. But for now, we have recently had so many new missionaries that we needed Trainers to assist with training.
With Elder Hayes being called as a new Zone Leader, he leaves the office and Elder Walter (left) is our new Office Elder along with Elder Pofelski.  This day was busy for them as they are making sure the Zone Leaders are loaded up with supplies to take back to their cities.
It was also my birthday and these Great Elders came in to sing 'Sto Lat' and wish me well.  I love these missionaries (and all of my missionaries!).
This wonderful day was topped off in the best way possible...a Baptism!  Czarek in Warsaw I was baptized a new member of the Church.  Elders Cieslak and Dopp taught this great man the gospel, and he was baptized by Bogdan. Just another great day in the mission field!  There is nothing like being on a mission.  You are busy and see miracles all around you.
We finished this part of the day and went home as another event was in progress... Stay tuned!

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