Monday, December 17, 2012

A baptism in Lublin! December 15, 2012

Saturday morning was another cold and snowy day in Warsaw and throughout the country.  We are heading to Lublin for a baptism.  Here Elder Rittmanic and Elder Wilson are with Oskar on this wonderful day.
Elders Rittmanic and Wilson with Oskar and Mikal, his older brother who introduced him to the gospel.
Members of the Lublin Branch who attended the baptism.  The Johnsons, Grace, Mariusz, Mikolaj.  Another tender mercy happened here.  Elder Rittmanic scheduled the pool for the baptism with the local gym and spa.  They emailed him back for a confirmation.  Since the Elders only use the Internet on P-day for one hour, he did not get the confirmation notice.  So we showed up and there was a swimming class going on.  They offered to rent us two lanes for the baptism.  We explained what we were doing and the man in charge suddenly became really understanding. (He had not been happy that we had not responded to his email.)  He ended up renting us the pool for 10 minutes...even prorated the price, plus cleared everyone out of the pool area so it was private, provided an office for us to finish the services instead of us traveling back in the snow storm to the chapel and he took this picture for us.  What a blessing! AND we talked with him about the gospel. There are no coincidences.
Before the baptism, we did an apartment check of Elder Wilson and Elder Rittmanic's apartment. It was spotless! These two Elders are really working hard.
They also received the 'Standard of Excellence' for the mission the last two weeks. Here they are holding their 'Standard of Excellence' chart showing they taught 25 lessons one week... in Lublin! A big THANK YOU to the members of that Branch who helped make this possible.  Great Elders and doing a marvelous job.

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