Friday, December 21, 2012

New Missionaries Meet Trainers And Off they Go! Transfer Day 19 Dec 2012

Our trainers arrive!
Elders Raines, Bokinsky, Jespersen and Rittmanic are ready to go and teach their new trainees how to be  successful missionaries. Right on cue...
...the city of Warsaw has decided that this day would be the perfect day to dig up the street in front of the Mission Home (again). So our transporter and other mission cars will be weaving in and out of construction.  With all the activity going on at the Mission Home today, this is not a welcome sight.
It's time for our Trainees to meet their Trainers!
Elder Peacock will be trained by Elder Rittmanic.
They will be serving together in Lublin.

Elder Brown will be serving with......
Elder Bokinsky in the Katowice District.
Elder Dodge...
...will be serving in Bydgoszcz with Elder Raines. And finally...
Elder Smith will be serving in the city of....
...Lodz with Elder Jespersen.
There you have it! Trainers and Trainees now have a few minutes to get to know one another, then it's time for some instruction and training.  They all start the 12 Week Training program tomorrow in their new cities with new companions. 
Since it is Transfer Day today, things had to be sped up a bit! It's now time to get everyone to the train station so they can get to their assigned areas. Suitcases are loaded in the Transporter, one last 'good-bye' picture as a group and....we head to the Centrum!
 Downtown Warsaw: Elders Raines, Dodge, Jespersen and Smith in front of the Zloty Terrace next to the Train Station.
 One last turn around and good bye to Warsaw.  It's down to the trains and off to their new assignments.

"Peron Party"!    On transfer day you run into the most interesting people...  As many in the mission are cris-crossing the country and most trains connect through Warsaw, we caught up with many of our great missionaries at the Warszawa Centralna.  Elders Mikolyski, Jespersen, Smith, Peacock, Rittmanic, Bokinsky, Brown, Wilson, Saltmarsh, Kotter, Raines, Dodge and Dopp.

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