Friday, March 8, 2013

Zone Leader Council....March 7, 2013.

Today is our monthly Zone Leader Council meeting. President meets with the leaders of the mission to make plans for conferences, set goals and have Zone Leaders report on how the mission is going.   This is a great day......So....why is President giving me a strange look?  (Look close....wrong coat with the blue pants...someone was in a hurry!) While President sets up, I wanted to return home to the Mission Home to bring back the proper attire! (and his wallet, cell phone and computer power cord- he wasn't thinking this morning...)
 Bydgoszcz Zone Leaders:  Elder Bokinsky and Elder Gudnason.
 Katowice Zone Leaders:  Elder Dopp and Elder Hayes
 Warsaw Zone Leaders:  Elder Van Bakel and Elder Raines.
Our great Assistants:  Elder Mikolyski and Elder Tiner.   The weather was fabulous today!!
So...what is going on in the office while Zone Leader Council was being held?

Our Office couple, the Hutchinsons, are always working (and smiling). I think they love their job! Sister Hutchinson answers a lot of phone calls, while Elder Hutchinson  talks to Germany and Salt Lake sorting out Mission business.  There are some changing going on these days with all of our MSF cards so proceed carefully.
It's 'Dobra Strona' day! Which mean Elder Walter is busy making last minute changes to our monthly newsletter. It can be a stress filled job, but Elder Walter makes it seem really easy!
 His companion, Elder Register, is in the store room filling out orders for supplies. President and I leave for an interview trip early in the morning. As usual, our car will be full to the brim and a suitcase on my lap is not uncommon!  We love and thank our Office staff.
 After the meeting, everyone pitches in and starts to load President's car.  Since our Office Elders came up with a 'colored tape' system (every city has their own color of packing tape), it makes unloading supplies in each city MUCH easier!
Back at the Mission Home, President Nielson has one more job before he starts packing for the trip....putting together a mission plaque for Elder Nowak which we are taking to Katowice.  Elder Nowak is serving in the England Birmingham Mission.  These missionary plaques used to be an international effort.  Parts coming from Las Vegas, printed in Poland and assembled in Warsaw.  We love seeing them in our Chapels where our Polish missionaries are sent out from.  Look for more to come...

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