Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Warsaw II District Meeting...5 March 2013

Tuesday mornings District Meetings are held around the mission.  Today, President visited Warsaw II (partly because we need to be at the airport in two hours to meet Elder and Sister Tufts who arrive from the MTC) to participate in their instructions.
Elder Wilson is the District Leader, and today's lesson was "The Role of the Holy Ghost".  Before the lesson and group discussion, Elder Wilson reviewed the District goals and also the results from last weeks work.  Sisters Lenhart, Young, Elders Register, Walter, Tiner, Mikolyski and Boyce.
Elder Wilson (right) and Elder Boyce review their investigators with the District. Each companionship has the opportunity to tell about their investigators and see how others could help or give advise to assist in their teachings.
Everyone has the opportunity to "role play".  Here Elders Wilson and Boyce are practicing with their investigator (Elder Register) "teaching someone how to pray and to receive answers".
District members are watching, listening and observing so when it is their turn they can practice what will help them in this situation.   Sisters Lenhart and Young, Elders Register, Walter, Tiner and Mikolyski.  A great day in District Meeting!  It was 90 minutes as planned; and afterwards, they all quickly hit the streets finding people who are prepared to receive this wonderful message.
No, it's off to the airport to greet our new Senior Couple.  We have the best calling in the Church.

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