Friday, March 22, 2013

Day #2 of the Mission Tour. Bydgoszcz Zone Conference...held in Poznan.

Thursday morning started in Poznan.  The Bydgoszcz Zone met here because of travel arrangements with Elder Schutze.  Elders and Sisters from Gdansk, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin were traveling in as we planned on starting promptly at 11:00am.  So last minute details were being attended to...
Great minds think alike! At least that's what President Nielson and his Assistant, Elder Tiner say. They both showed up with the same style tie...after the photo was taken, Elder Tiner changed his tie to let President have the 'power tie' award. What can I say? Everyone loves an Adam's Tie.
The BYDGOSZCZ ZONE:  (Top row LtoR): Elders Kotter, Caskey, Tingey, Harris, Dodge, Bokinsky and Gudnason.  (Next row): Elders Sheley, Cieslak, Saltmarsh, Godwin, Zelezniak, White and Tufts.  (3rd row): Sisters Sheley, Bezdjian, Bown, Swenson, Masters, and Tufts.  (Seated:)Sister and Elder Schutze.
Since we had everyone together and we just had one (but special!) birthday to celebrate, we sang 'Sto Lat' to Elder Bokinsky right after our zone picture.
Meeting the Districts....
The Gdansk District: Elder White and Elder Zelezniak (District Leader), Sister Masters and Sister Swenson. Elder and Sister Tufts.
The Poznan District: Elder Caskey and Elder Tingey (District Leader), Sister Bezdjian and Sister Bown. Elder and Sister Sheley.
The Bydgoszcz District: Elder Dodge, Elder Harris (District Leader), Elders Bokinsky and Gudnason (Zone Leaders).
The Szczecin District:  Elder Kotter, Elder Cieslak (District Leader), Elder Godwin and Elder Saltmarsh.
We found out later that Sister Schutze celebrated her birthday a few days ago.  So as we started the afternoon session of our Zone Conference, we sang another round of "Sto Lat" to our special guest.
Elder Schutze getting to know some of our great Elders.  Elder Schutze has such a wonderful personality and cares for everyone.  He visits with Elders Dodge, Tingey, Mikolyski and Elder Bokinsky (back to us).
The Sisters always enjoy getting together and just being around each other.  Sisters Bezdjian, Bown, Masters and Swenson.  We have the best Sister Missionaries in the Church serving in Poland.
Our great Senior Couple Missionaries...  Elder and Sister Sheley (Poznan) and Elder and Sister Tufts (Gdansk).  Both are fabulous and help with everything. Thank you for ALL you do!
Between Zone Conference and a fireside for members and investigators, Elder Schutze met held a leadership meeting.  Elders Cieslak (District Leader Szczecin), Godwin (Senior Companion Szczecin), Harris (District Leaders Bydgoszcz), Zelezniak (District Leader Gdansk).  Standing, Elders Tingey (District Leader Poznan), Mikolyski and Tiner (Assistants) and the Bydgoszcz Zone Leaders- Elders Bokinsky and Gudanson.
Members and investigators being together as we start our fireside tonight.  Elders White, Zelezniak, Caskey, Grzegorz, Arsene, investigator and Elder Tingey.
Marian and Marta were excellent translators for Elder Sheley and Elder Schutze.  We enjoyed a wonderful day at Zone Conference and the fireside this evening.
Now, it's back in the car and to head for Warsaw.  We encountered bad weather (again). Instead of arriving at the Mission Home at 10:00pm, we found a hotel in Lodz (again) and got to bed by 11:00pm.  So we completed day #2. Today (again) it was wonderful to be around our missionaries and learn from Elder and Sister Schutze.

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