Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mission Tour is Over....but more meetings!

Quarterly CCM: Warsaw District Presidency- Presidents Pogorzelski, Dresler and Armstrong.  President Irwin (Czech Republic Mission), Elder Schuetze, President Husz (Freiberg Temple), President Lendel (Prague District) and President Pawlik (Katowice District).
We appreciate our Warsaw Senior Couples (the Hutchinsons and the Jensens) doing 'double duty' this week and making a wonderful lunch for our guests. Eating at the office presents its challenges...aka: no oven...But the sisters devised 'warmers' with thick fluffy towels that did the trick. Everything was delicious!
After the CCM, we had a little time before we needed to get to the Wolska Chapel for a fireside.
Everyone bundled up and we headed to Saski Park to see where President Kimball dedicated the land of Poland for the preaching of the gospel.  The pavilion in the background is the tomb of the unknown soldier.  In front of this is where President Spencer W. Kimball and Sister Kimball along with Elder and Sister David Kennedy had their pictures taken before going to the right of this picture where President Kimball offered the dedicatory prayer.
 It was a VERY cold day as you can tell by the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
After seeing a few sights, we were back in the car....
...driving to the Wolska Chapel. President Nielson, President Husz (Freiberg Temple President), Sister and Elder Schuetze (Area Seventy).  A wonderful fireside was held with many members and investigators from the Warsaw I and II Branches. Both President Husz and Elder Schuetze spoke.
Sister Schuetze and I had such a fun time visiting, laughing and doing a little shopping this week. She is a wonderful lady with an unbelievable conversion story. She is truly a great example to me of a wife who is strong in the gospel and loves and supports her husband in all he does.
We dropped the Schuetzes off at the airport right after Church on Sunday.  We had a tremendous six days with Elder and Sister Schuetze.
A few hours later, we were at the airport again with President Husz.  The Freiberg Temple was closed for a week and President Husz was able to attend our meetings with us this weekend.  It was a wonderful weekend with this great man and having he and Elder Schuetze tell of the tremendous history of the Church in this part of the vineyard.
When returning to the Mission Home, we found this! Oh, oh.....another 'stair repair' may be in order. It looks as though we may have THIS.....
...and it will probably happen during a transfer!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  (This picture was taken in August of 2010 right after we first arrived.  This is what it takes to repair a few tiles that had come up...)

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