Monday, March 18, 2013

Warsaw District Conference Saturday March 16, 2013.

Our District Conference this weekend is presided by Elder Faustino Lopez.
We had the blessing of having him stay with us for three days.  He is such a great man and a blessing for the members of the Church.  We arrived Saturday afternoon at the Wolska Chapel for our training meetings and all that the great Warsaw District Leaders have planned.
Getting to the chapel, Elder Van Bakel and his companion were waiting for one of their investigators to come to the YSA event being held before the Conference started. OOPS! Guess who had soup for lunch....but a quick fix with a Tide stick and he looks as good as new! My 'missionary purse' is full of essential items like this one!
 Most of the YSA's that attended the YSA Activity: LtoR: Elder and Sister Jensen, Kinga, Marta, Sebastian, Dominika, Czarek, Ewa, Marta, Kamil, Marcin, Kamila, Agnieszka, Draman, Ramuold, Rafal and Adam. Warsaw, Lodz, Bydgoszcz and Poznan were represented.
 Let the games begin.....Popping balloons....
 ....trying to 'work' a cookie into thier mouth....
....spoons and rook cards.....made for TONS of fun, lots of laughs and bonds of friendship for all these great YSA's.
Elder and Sister Jensen  do such a great job with our YSA's. They love them, help them with life's decisions and listen to them. What a great calling in the church to have! These young people are the future of the church in Poland....and they are striving to do and be their best by living gospel principles.
Other Senior Couples were there to help.....(LtoR): Elder and Sister Sheley-Poznan; Elder and Sister Hutchinson (Warsaw I) and Elder and Sister Lloyd (Lodz) with our good member Marian from Poznan.
The YSA's had a great time and finished up everything in time for the Adult meeting that started at 6:00 pm.
Women's organization leadership meeting....We love and appreciate these women that came from all over the District to learn how to be better leaders in the church. (LtoR): Gosia (District RS President) who talked about the skills and abilities needed to be leaders in Christ's church; Jackie, Monika, Mirka, Wioleta, Maria, Zosia, Karolina, Zoja, Gosia, Kasia, Iwona and Julia (with twins).
After the General Leadership meeting and the break-out sessions, we took a 'pizza break' where everyone was able to mingle and relax before the Adult meeting started.
Members of the Warsaw II Branch with Marta. We love and appreciate these families who come and help strengthen the church in so many ways. (The Mastroiannis, Joel, The Picketts, The Staples, Marta and the Armstrongs.)
It's hard to clear a room when the members of the church get together and start visiting. They love being together.
Members (and Investigator) from Poznan who came to conference: Marta, Regina, Elder and Sister Sheley, Marlena, and Marian.
President, Robert, Czarek, Czarek Jr.  These three have been friends for years.
Wioletta, Oriana, Sylwia and Kasia.
Krystyna, Gosia, Claudia and Anna.
Oliwer, Sebastian and Oktawia.
How wonderful it is to see the Saints mingling and visiting with one another. It truly is a testimony strengthener when you are around others that believe in the same things that you do. The Polish Saints love to gather, and I love to watch them do so! But for now, it's time to leave and get ready for the main District Conference session taking place tomorrow (Sunday).

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