Sunday, March 17, 2013

Checking up on weekly Friday planning....

Finding ourselves in Warsaw for the District Conference this weekend, President and I decided to 'drop in' on the 2-hour weekly planning session that our Missionaries do every Friday from 11am- 1 pm. We decided to 'divide and conquer'! 
I found myself at the doorstep of our wonderful Warsaw I Sisters, Sister Allen and Sister Howells. 
 These Sisters were ready to set goals for the week and make plans on how to achieve them.
They talked about the people they were teaching and had met contacting.....always focusing on their needs and how to help them progress.  These Sisters know how to plan.  What I saw could have been taped and shown as "The District III" as a Preach My Gospel training segment.  It was outstanding.
Meanwhile, President Nielson visited two Elders in another part of Warsaw.
 Our Warsaw II Elders, Elder Wilson (District Leader) and  his trainee, Elder Boyce, who has been in the country just over 3 weeks, had set down to do their weekly planning.
They had scheduled a lesson at 12:00noon so President was only able to sit in for just a part of their planning session.  They were reviewing their goals for this week, and Elder Wilson was reviewing what they would be teaching in one hour.
Elder Boyce, even though the Junior companion, was involved in all of the planning and application.  Elder Wilson, the Senior and District Leader, listened and they both decided what this person needed.
It was a great visit for President with these wonderful Elders.  They headed to Warsaw II for a great lesson.  Next Friday, we will be in another two apartments observing the Weekly Planning.
Now it's home to prepare for Elder Faustino Lopez's arrival for our Warsaw District Conference.  He will staying with us for the weekend (along with some of our Senior Couples who are traveling in).  A great and busy weekend ahead.  We have the best calling in the Church!

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