Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day #3 of our Mission Tour. Warsaw Zone Conference.

What a beautiful day to have a Zone Conference. After all the snow we had been traveling through all week, this blue sky was a welcomed relief!
 The WARSAW ZONE: As we arrived with the Elder and Sister Schutze, we found everything in order...all the Missionaries had arrived early and were eager to receive instruction.  Top row (L to R)  Elders Boyce, Wilson, Finch, Peacock, Garfield, Manwill, Gibby, Vernon, Pofelski, Roberts, Skolmoski, Z.Smith, J.Smith and Jespersen.  Middle row- Elders Van Bakel, Raines, Tiner, Mikolyski, Sisters Howells, Allen, Young, Lenhart, Elders Register, Walter, Sister and Elder Hutchinson.  Seated- Elder and Sister Jensen, Sister and Elder Schutze, Sister and Elder Lloyd.
Then we made our way to the cultural hall!!!
 Yes, the Wolska chapel is being painted a wonderful white color. It is bright, cheery and very uplifting.     This is where we usually set up for lunch. Missionaries, especially Senior Missionaries are very'll see soon!
As Elder Schutze was checking out the building, he went into the kitchen and found this. This is probably a big 'no-no'....Senior Missionaries climbing around trying to reach things in high places. Sometimes you get desperate when you have to feed 30+ hungry missionaries.
Lunch time in the foyer. This crowd looks serious and you would too if you were having 'Cafe Rio' for lunch! It was a huge hit! Great job, Sisters Hutchinson and Jensen!
 Singing 'Sto Lat' to our birthdays...Sister Young, Sister Schutze (she loved the M&M cookies!), Elders Finch, Walter, Pofelski, Vernon, Wilson, Tiner and Jespersen. It was a little tight, but no one seemed to mind.
Some VERY full Elders.....Can you tell what was for dessert? Homemade cinnamon rolls, compliments of Sister Lloyd.  Elders Jespersen, Tiner, Wilson, Raines and Register.
Our great, they did not receive flowers for all the work they did; they received blessings! (LtoR): Elder and Sister Jensen, Elder and Sister Hutchinson, Elder and Sister Lloyd.
 Warsaw I District: Elders Van Bakel and Raines (Zone Leaders); Elder and Sister Jensen; Sisters Howells and Allen; Elders Gibby and Vernon; Elders Manwill (District Leader) and Garfield; Elders Pofelski and Roberts (Bialystok).
 Warsaw II District: Elders Wilson (District Leader) and Boyce; Elders Finch and Peacock (Lublin); Elders Walter and Register; Elder and Sister Hutchinson; Sisters Lenhart and Young; (front) Elders Tiner and Mikolyski (Assistants).
The Lodz District: Elders Z. Smith and Skolmoski; Elders Jespersen (District Leader) and J. Smith; Elder and Sister Lloyd.
After Zone Conference, Elder Schutze held a leadership meeting.  Elders Skolmoski, Vernon, Jespersen, Garfield, Wilson, Manwill, Elder Schutze, Elders Van Bakel, Mikolyski, Raines and Tiner.
The end of the day. Can you believe this is the same cultural hall? Everything is cleaned and tucked away for the member/investigator fireside that Elder Schutze and President Husz (Freiberg Temple President) will be speaking at tomorrow.
Another great Zone Conference.  We headed home and found our beds were pretty comfortable.  Tomorrow is another full day.  Our friends from the Czech Republic Mission are coming in for the quarterly CCM meeting with Elder Schutze.

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