Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Warsaw District Conference Sunday March 17, 2013

 The first to arrive this beautiful Sunday morning is the Jarosz Family.  Sister Jarosz is here to set up for the Youth meeting.  We love this family.  There are so many families like them who have done so much for the Church over the years.  We wish we could show a picture of all of them.
 Our Youth Meeting was first on the schedule before the General Session of District Conference.  This was a great meeting.  These are wonderful and valiant Youth.  Their testimonies are strong.
 The District Choir was preparing for their number.  Not only do they look great, but their singing was powerful and uplifting.  Odys (Bydgoszcz), Elders Boyce, Raines, Gibby, Vernon, Manwill, Garfield, Jensen, Mikolyski, Wilson, Tiner, Godfrey, Hutchinson, Walter, Van Bakel and Register.  Kinga, Sisters Lenhart and Jensen, Krystyna, Agnieszka, Sara and Sisters Young and Hutchinson.
Kinga did a wonderful job organizing and leading this choir. It was as though the Tabernacle Choir had come to District Conference.
 Some of the Lublin Branch:  Cezary, Brother and Sister Johnson and Maddox, Cezary Sr., Grace and Cody.
Someone came up with this interesting idea...  There were a number of speakers on the program.  For us to stay on schedule, everyone needed to stay within their allotted time.  To help with this, our YSA's (Agnieszka, Kamil and Kamila) sat on the front row and had these colored cards.  The "green" card meant all was good and keep talking...you had 3 minutes left.  The "yellow" was to let you know you had 2  minutes left and the "Red', well you can figure it out...but it essentially meant....'Please sit down!'  I don't think this would go over too well in the Conference Center... and luckily the red card never had to come out!
 Some of our converts since our last District Conference.  We wanted to acknowledge them all with white corsages so other members could come and introduce themselves.
 Some of our Branch and District Presidents:  Presidents Zalewski (Bydgoszcz), Libbert (Bialystok), Dresler (Warsaw District), Jagard (Warsaw I), Elder Sheley (Poznan), Armstrong (Warsaw District First Counselor) and Cody (Lublin).  What great men and dedicated to the work.
 There were five men who received the Melchizedek Priesthood at our Conference today.  One was Micholaj (third from left) who was ordained by Elder Lopez.  Those attending were Cezary, Cezary Sr., Presidents Dresler and Armstrong.
Ania and Marcin with their new 3 month old son. It was his 1st District Conference and he did great!
Julia and Liz and kids...all waiting for their husbands/dads to finish up church business. (News flash...Liz is having a baby!)
Well, you can tell that District Conference week-end is coming to a close. Godfrey is putting the grill back in the closet, but I'm sure not for long. There is nothing better than a grilled kebasa on a sunny day.
Our missionaries grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading out to lessons and procelying. It was a great day for missionary work with lots of Investigators coming to District Conference. (LtoR): Elders Garfield, Raines, Oskar, Manwill, Vernon, Van Bakel and Gibby with Sisters Howells and Allen.
Warsaw District Conference was truly a spiritually uplifting experience. Meetings were well attended, many investigators were there and members got to meet each other and renew friendships.  This is our last District Conference in Warsaw...and it was memorable. We will truly miss these days and the missionaries and members we have grown to love so much.

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